Let’s All Agree to Disagree

There is an old saying that goes thus: “I do not agree with what you say, sir, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” We’re not always going to agree on everything in this nation; in fact hardly ever, but disagreeing is natural and healthy. Disagreements bring about thought provoking discussions and lead to an increase of intelligence and understanding on both sides of the issue. Freedom of speech was the very first amendment in the bill or rights for a reason. There is no freedom more important than that to openly and fearlessly express your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

I know a lot of the people don’t agree with my political stances. I know that I’m a conservative in a sea of liberals. In fact, if you are reading this, you are probably GOING to disagree with me (not everyone, but most). The thing is that that is the reason I write these things. I want you to read these notes to get conversations going. I welcome your comments where you retort my statements. These exchanges are benefiting us both.

The reason I bring all this up is because what the White House is doing right now is one of the scariest violations of the first amendment I think we’ve faced in this generation and possibly longer. The White House is asking people to forward to them any emails, blog posts, web sites, Youtube videos etc. where someone is speaking out against health care reform!

Let me explain how this is so frightening. Let’s say I email you and tell you that Obama’s health care plan will lead to rationed care, will bankrupt our nation even further and will make the quality of everyone’s care go down the toilet. The White House wants you to then forward that email to them so they can “dispel the rumors.” They say it is so they can answer the skeptics and critics. Well, if that’s the case, couldn’t they just have a forum where you TELL them what I said and they retort it there?

No, there is one reason and one reason only why they would want those emails and such forwarded to them, so they can keep a list of people speaking out against the president. They can deny it all they want, but the evidence is plain and unmistakable. The president wants to not only keep track of what’s being said, but who’s saying it. Why would they do such a thing—simple, to make people weary about speaking out. People are less likely to voice their opposition if they fear there could be repercussions from the government.

Think back to Bush’s presidency. If President Bush had asked his fellow Republicans to send him the names of people protesting the Iraq war, don’t you think that would have looked like tyranny? Well, that’s what this is! This is pure and simple tyranny! This is a removal of freedom! It doesn’t matter if you agree with someone or not, you have no right to stop them from talking!

I always have to groan when someone tells me that they wish Rush Limbaugh would get kicked off the air. Why, just because you don’t agree with him or how he portrays himself? That’s no reason for a man to be kept silent. If you feel that way, you have only two options; either turn off your radio, or choose your own venue where you can voice your own stance! Ignore it or counter it, but NEVER silence it.

Look, I think liberal radio people like Al Franken and The Young Turks are pants-on-head retarded but I would NEVER say they need to be taken off the air. Hell, I’ve even listened to their shows a few times just to hear the other side of the argument. I’m free to disagree with them but I have no right (nor should I) to get them taken off the air.

I think it is time we all start agreeing to disagree in this nation. We need to remember that it’s okay to have differing opinions and that doing so makes sure that all angles are considered. President Obama has repeatedly told conservatives to shut up! I’m not even making that up. Go search Youtube for some snippets of Obama’s health care speeches and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

No matter what you believe in, never let anyone make you feel like you have no right to voice it. Everyone deserves their voice no matter what the message. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine, but have the resolve to be firm in your stances and let others be so in theirs.


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