Understanding Socialism – Lesson 5: Are We Already There?

“Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama

This group is for self-proclaimed Marxists/Communists/Socialists for the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency. By no means is he a true Marxist, but under Karl Marx’s writings we are to support the party with the best interests of the mobilization of the proletariat. Though the Democratic Socialists of America or the Communist Patty of America may have more Socialististic values, it is pointless to vote for these candidates due to the fact that there is virutally no chance they will be elected on a National level…We support Barack Obama because he knows what is best for the people!”

From Barack Obama’s official campaign website: Organizing for America

America is already a socialist nation.

I’m not starting out with anything lighthearted or thought provoking in this lesson.  Here, I’m getting straight to the point.  American’s keep saying that we are becoming socialists when, the truth is, we already ARE socialists.

To explain, let’s go back to what socialism exactly is.  Remember, socialism is the transition phase between capitalism and communism.  In a socialistic society, communistic ideals are introduced into a capitalistic nation little by little.  Once a capitalist nation starts to adopt communistic principles, it ceases to be fully capitalistic.  It has reached that “transition” stage.  Well, I’m sorry to say it, but we are IN that transition stage RIGHT NOW!  America’s revolution of the proletariat has already started to gain momentum.

So, if we’ve already become a socialist nation, when did it happen?  When did we go from being a capitalist nation to a socialist one?  Well, I’d say the real transition took place sometime in the 1930’s.  In the aftermath of the great depression, the United States first began the program that I believe was the catalyst for the socialist movement.

Taxpayer funded and government issued welfare.

Federal and state welfare embody the very heart and soul of the socialistic agenda.  With welfare, tax money is taken from those with an income and distributed to those who don’t; the haves provide for the have-nots.  Think back to lesson one and the communistic ideal.  Communism champions the ideal of equal wealth.  Under communism, you don’t deserve any more than the rest of the unit no matter what.  Everyone should be equal and everything should be fair.

That’s staggering to think about, isn’t it?  I mean, to think that this really started THAT long ago!  It’s sad, but it’s true.  It’s we are going to look at this technically then the United States truly has been a socialist nation for that long.  Remember, capitalism and communisms are PURE systems.  They are the opposite ends of the spectrum.  If capitalism implements any communistic policy, it becomes a socialist nation (not a VERY socialist nation, but it is a start).  On a personal note, I believe that the same works into reverse.  If a communist nation adopts policies that are reflective of a capitalistic society, they become a socialist nation.  I don’t have any research on that; it’s just what I believe.

Okay, I know one implementation isn’t enough to officially call the United States a socialist nation, but it IS a start.  In that retrospect, America began its road to socialism by adopting policies like welfare, policies that allow people to play catch-up in this nation simply by holding out their hands and begging.

I’ll bet you think I’m being heartless again.  I can just hear it.  You think I have no sympathy for the suffering people went through in the great depression.  Well, I do have sympathy, but only for a select few, and it’s the same few who have my sympathy now in our current recession.  That sympathy does out to the young children who had to live in destitute situations because their parents weren’t willing to live within their means.

Isn’t it amazing how history repeats itself?  Barack Obama continually refers to this situation as “the worst financial crisis since the great depression.”  I’d give a reference to that quote, but what would be the point?  I mean, he said it pretty much every time he stepped up to the microphone between October and January.  Well, there’s a reason our financial strength has once again bottomed out, and it’s the same reason it did near the beginning of the last century.

Americans refuse to live within their means.

You’re right about one thing, for the people who went broke in the 1930’s, I don’t have a lot of sympathy.  It’s the same way I feel about some people today.  Today’s crisis came about for the same reasons the last one did, except we don’t have the convenience of blaming George W. Bush for the first one.

Barack Obama continues to tell us that we “inherited” this crisis.  He blames it on the policies of the last administration, and even when things continue to go bad, he STILL jumps to that argument.  Mr. President, GWB is in Texas.  He’s got his feet propped up and his jacket laying over the back of the couch.  He’s got nothin’ to do with nothin’ anymore.  You’re in the hot seat now.  If President Obama really wants to blame a politician, he only needs to look in a mirror  (or in the reflection in the teleprompter).

The sad truth is that this is our fault.  How many of us bought a bigger T.V instead of letting our money grow interest in the bank?  Did anyone take a vacation they couldn’t REALLY afford in the last few years instead of putting that money aside in case of emergencies (like the one we’re in now)?  And don’t think I’m being high and mighty!  I’m in this boat too!  I’m not immune to making bad decisions and having to deal with the consequences.  In doing so, I’ve learned some pretty hard to swallow truths about what it really means to live in a free society, and I’m going to share those truths with you later on.

For now, back to socialistic America.

Okay, so we’ve established that we lose our capitalist structure every time we take on a socialistic policy—but how do we recognize a policy that is socialistic?  It’s actually quite easy to spot a new bill or other piece of legislation that makes a mockery of our free-market economy (HINT: one of them cost $787billon!).  Yep, you guessed it!  Case and point is: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Never before has the federal government so blatantly and shamefully taken taxpayer money (money that is supposed to go to government funded programs) and used it to bribe and bully their way out of their constitutional confines and closer to a monarchist entity.  It is my firm belief that America officially became a socialist nation the moment President Obama’s signature stained the dotted line on this bill.  That was it.  He signed away our capitalism and the spirit of all our founding fathers sacrificed for as flash bulbs went off and supporters clapped.

It makes me ill.

So how was the stimulus bill socialistic?  It’s simple; it created a huge hole in the cage containing the reach of the federal government’s powers.  Remember from lesson one when I discussed how our forefathers structured our nation’s government systems?  The federal government was given far more restrictions than the state governments.  The Constitution gave very specific powers to the federal government and then stated that ANYTHING ELSE WHAT-SO-EVER was left up to the states.  This point could not possibly be any more clear: if it doesn’t say it, you can’t do it.  If it’s not a power the Constitution delegates to the federal government, it automatically goes to the state government with no federal say.

Well, left wingers don’t exactly like that idea too much.  Democrats dream of an America where the central government had great power and thus can make life easier for everyone in the nation.  It can sound appealing, except for one unavoidable truth: power corrupts.  It’s a rare thing to find a long sitting senator that hasn’t completely lost touch with his or her constituents and become mad with power (which raises the question of why they keep getting elected, but I’ll get to that later on).

If any screenwriter needs an idea for the next great mafia movie, look no further than the 111th Congress.  The whole thing feels like some kind of Godfather-esque tale of organized crime.  You’d almost expect Marlon Brando to be the speaker of the house (which would probably still be better than Peloci).  The old saying “money is power” is old for a reason, it’s true.  Money is something everyone needs and MORE money is something everyone wants, therefore, if you have money, you can give it to people in exchange for things.  This is, of course, how an economy works, but there is an illegal side to this too.

When the financial crisis hit, it hit the state budgets as much as it did the federal ones.  Just about every state in the union is bankrupt or really low on dough.  Now, when a family is broke and in debt, their natural course of action is to seek out a source of funds either in a loan or a new job.  Remember all those classic mobster stories where someone goes to a loan shark for some financial relief and they give him the loan but it comes with obligations?  Well, that’s pretty much what’s happening.  The states are broke and need to pay their bills (which, like the federal government’s, are mostly for unnecessary things) so they went to the federal loan sharks.

So, how was the federal government able to come up with $787billion dollars when they themselves are already well enough in the hole as it is?  Well, it’s simple.  The government is in a position that every loan shark dreams about.  THEY GET TO PRINT THEIR OWN MONEY!  Who cares if a flood of new cash into the economy makes the dollar lose its value faster than an anvil dropped from an airplane loses altitude?!  It’s all in the interest of getting the economy back on track, right?

The stimulus package was about one thing and one thing only, the seizing of more power.  Another old saying about money has also stood the test of time, “there’s no such thing as free money.”  States are in peril and looking for a hand out.  The federal loan sharks are there with freshly printed bills, ready to help out their burdened states, but, not without some rules.  Oh, you want some money to help with your state’s education system—here ya go!  But wait!  If you’re going to use that money we gave you, you’ve got to reform your education system to the following standards.  Need some infrastructure work done?  Here’s some money for it!  Just make sure you thank us by implementing these new federal mandates.

Starting to make sense?  Any private citizen or organization that tried to do what the feds did would have been jailed in a heartbeat.  What are the states going to do?  I mean, they NEED the money, and if you take a handout, can you really say no to the terms?  This is how the federal government is expanding out from the constitutional confines that are supposed to restrain it.  The stimulus package was an attempt by the federal government to help the economy the only way the democrats know how, give Washington total control and let them delegate the free market until everything is fair.

Now, some state governors, like Texas governor Rick Perry and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, saw through the lies and wanted to stand their ground.  They stood up to the loan sharks with their chins held high and said no to the money.  No, we won’t take your dirty check!  No, we won’t take funds with more strings attached than a marionette theater production of 300!  I see the evil plan that lurks beneath your false charity and I won’t stand for it.

But of course, Washington already had a plan for such obstacles.

The drafters of the stimulus package had the sheer audacity to include a clause allowing a state’s legislature to OVERRIDE a governor’s refusal to take the money!  Now, can you think of ANY reason they would feel a need to include such a clause unless they KNEW good, incorruptible politicians would be able to stop their plans to overstep their constitutional bounds?!  Seriously, ANY REASON AT ALL?!

President Obama’s signing of the stimulus bill was the real beginning of our journey into socialism, and now we’re here: we’re socialists.  Our free market economy has been put in chains by a legislature that never had the power to do it in the first place.  Does anyone else think our founding fathers might have foreseen something like this?  I mean, they did put a lot of time and energy into making the shackles of federal government precise and unbreakable.  Washington had their chains locked tight, yet still managed to slip through, and who knows if we’ll ever be able to get the feds back into them again.

The next lesson will be the last of the “Understanding Socialism” series and will deal with why exactly communistic approaches don’t work.  After that, I will begin part 2 of this little endeavor, “Combating Socialism,” where I’ll give lessons on what we should do, both as a nation and as individuals, to reverse this ill-fated course our nation is on.


2 Responses to “Understanding Socialism – Lesson 5: Are We Already There?”

  1. 1 despicable September 7, 2009 at 7:39 am

    “Fascism” is the dictatorship by the capitalist class!! When capitalism decides that their class interest is threatned by those that work for a living,… they eliminate all pretense of democratic free speech. free assembly, civil libertys. ..All constitutional guarantees are put on hold so as to keep the capitalist class from being overthrown by the working class. and establishing a dictartorship of the workers. This they believe is necessary so that the capitalist class could not come back to power with a counter revolution.
    The working class has a vested interest in overthrowing the capitalist class and taking over the means of production by eliminating the private market and establishing a planned economy that is designed to satisfy the basic needs of all the people without discrimination, rather then satisfy the appetite of individual capitalists that had exploited workers for generations by owning private property.
    Private Property, was aquired in the early days, by the conquering of weaker tribes and grabbing their land. Those that profited from owning land profited because of the exploitation of chattel slaves, share croppers and feudal serfs. …
    After the industrial revolution owners of factorys, mines and mills, got rich profiting from the exploitation of cheap labor.
    People that own for a living, have only land, factories, mines, mills and stores. None of these investments by owners is creating new value, until a decision is made, to create new value. New value is only created by the purchase of people that are willing to work for a wage. The worker creates value, and that value is measured by the amount of necessary time that is spent by that worker in the creation of that thing of value. That value could be exchanged for value that has an equal amount of socially necessary time attached to it.
    Because the worker that created a thing of value, receives value in the form of a wage, that is much less than the value that he or she created as a worker.
    The amount of value produced by the worker and not received by the worker is the amount that was stolen by the owner from the worker.
    The evidence of this grand theft is the fact that due to this exploitation of labor power all over the world, the workers had and have been encouraged to organize as a class, so as to receive more of that pie known as the gross national product.
    This thievery by the private sector is a form of stealing that overshadows every other kind of massive stealing!
    Taxes is not thievery, as some ignorant individuals would have you believe!
    The Government that has the responsability of maintaining social order so that the society can run without disruption, must collect taxes to pay for what is necessary to maintain order and promote the general good!

    • 2 freedomwatchnews September 7, 2009 at 3:57 pm

      A governing body can take an amount of money automatically from my income without me actually handing it to them and they have the power to raise that amount as much as they want without my say or consent. Then, they can use that money for whatever purpose they want (like, for example, giving its members a big raise) also without my say or consent.

      Well, I must be out of my mind, because that is definitely stealing.

      Look back through the Constitution and tell me if you think the existence of the IRS fits within those guidelines.

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