Why The Obama/Peloci Healthcare Plan is Bad for America

In my last post, I explained why a public option for health care is a bad idea. That note was to cover simply the basic premise of socialized medicine in general. In this next note, I’m going to cover the more specific topics as they apply to the legislation currently being drafted by democrats like Nanci Peloci and Harry Reid. Please keep in mind that all of these points may or may not find their way into the final bill, but each has been at least introduced as a possibility by some person or committee:

The idea of employer provided health care is one that was born in free market capitalism. Remember, businesses in a free market must compete with each other for absolutely everything and that includes workers as well as customers. Businesses must try and make working for their company more enticing to potential employees if they want those employees to seek jobs with them. One way that was devised over the years was the incentive to provide them with health insurance. 401k’s, paid vacations, sick leave and other types of incentives were born from this as well.

Under the new plan, employers would be REQUIRED to cover the insurance costs of their employees. This is a very unjust perversion of why this system was started in the first place. It has NEVER been an employer’s responsibility to make sure their employees have health insurance. That is as much today as it ever was the sole responsibility of the individual.

The simple facts are that some companies are not large enough and do not have the revenue to support such a system. If small businesses are suddenly required by law to insure their employees or pay a fine, they will downsize. People will lose their jobs because of these types of mandates. If the cost of keeping an employee on becomes too great for a company to financially bear, they will be forced to lay off that employee and redecorate his or her responsibilities to other employees, causing many to lose their jobs and putting greater workloads on those still employed.

The bottom line is that it is not your employer’s, nor the government’s responsibility to make sure your family is prepared. That is 100% the job of each and every individual person.

I’m in no way exaggerating when I say that this notion is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. The legislators proposing this notion have absolutely no idea what a right actually is. Saying everyone has the right to health care is like saying everyone has the right to groceries. After all, having food to eat is much more important to the survival of a person than having health coverage. In that case, why are legislators not proposing a system where everyone in America gets free groceries?

We live in a truly great time where the vast majority of us don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. We have an overabundance of food but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still have to work for it. The basic idea that you must work for the things you need to survive has not changed and never will. This is also true for health insurance.

So what is a right? A right is something that you are born with and that no man made organization or institution can take away from you. Freedom of speech, the press, to keep and bear arms, religion, etc., these are the rights we as Americans have. The fundamental similarity between them is that they require no cost to others if we choose to exercise them. It doesn’t cost anyone anything for you to worship as you choose, have the weapons necessary to defend your family and property, speak your mind or any of the other freedoms.

Think about if health care were considered a right? If you go into a hospital and declare that you shouldn’t have to pay for health care because you have a right to it, that doesn’t change the fact that SOMEONE has to pay for it! Doctors need wages, medical equipment needs to be paid for and research to advance medicine needs to be funded. If the partakers are not going to cover the costs, who is?

People already have the right TO GET health care but we do not and should not have the right TO HAVE health care. Like any other kind of property, you have the right to seek it, but the effort must be yours.

The biggest way that the democrats are trying to sell this plan is to make all the insurance companies look like big evil monsters that are just heartless, exploitative entities wanting to prey on Americans. Sadly, it’s working with most people. When you take a notion like refusing to cover someone based on a pre-existing condition, it’s easy to demonize. The problem is that people refuse to look at insurance companies for what they are and always have been; a business just like all others.

The way insurance works is that millions of customers pay premiums into the system for years, many without ever actually needing to use it. From this collective pool of funds, those who must file a claim can get some of their financial burdens from hospital bills relieved. The rest of the money goes to running the business (paying workers, advertising, etc.). In the insurance world, it’s the people that never, or hardly ever, use it that keep the business funded. Imagine if everyone with insurance from Company A filed a claim! The business would go bankrupt and no one could get the help they needed! It’s the same as if everyone who had money in the bank all suddenly wanted a loan. Those loans are made with the money that people leave in and never touch so, obviously, there would not be enough.

With this in mind, let’s look at pre-existing conditions. If someone applies for coverage and they have a pre-existing condition, the insurance company knows that the money they make off of them in premiums will be severely dwarfed by the money they will lose in claims filed. Taking on too many people with pre-existing conditions will cause the business to lose capital and fail, resulting in NO ONE having health coverage!

Here’s the question the democrats conveniently avoid; why do these people wait until they already have a medical condition to seek coverage? Why didn’t they take care of that when they were well? Think about it this way. Let’s say you decide to start driving but don’t take the time to get a driver’s license. Now, if you get pulled over and get a ticket, you can’t THEN go get a license to show to the cop and get out of the fine. Getting the license is preparatory as is getting health insurance. Like the ads always say, don’t wait until there’s a problem!

Ah liberals, always ready and willing to spend other people’s money. I’ve already gone into great detail as to why this kind of fiscal practice is wrong in my “Understanding Socialism” series so I’ll just summarize here. The bottom line is that people are not GIVEN money, they EARN it! Democrats say that the wealthy have a responsibility to “give back” to those “less fortunate” than they are in the form of higher taxes.

Well, good fortune has nothing to do with it. Unless obtained through illegal practices, people get the money and property they earn. There is no magic national lottery that decides who will and will not be wealthy. The rich should feel no obligation to “give back” because they weren’t “given” anything in the first place! Taxes should be one flat rate across the board. After all, are all men not created equal?

Let’s summarize here. The thing to take away from all of this is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have health insurance; NOT the governments, NOT your employers and NOT the top 1%. If having health insurance is a priority for you, you CAN make it happen! You don’t need government intervention to do it for you and such a thing shouldn’t be requested in the first place.

America, we need to get back to the principles of self reliance that we have so greatly lost in this country. We look for hand outs when we should be working to hold ourselves up. We all have the right to seek our own fortune, but we are never entitled to more than we earn.


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