Scare Tactics? Nope; Just the Facts Here

It’s funny: when I decided to halt new posts on my blog until I was done with school I was pretty sure I’d be coming back to a health care disaster that had already been signed into law.  Thankfully, that was not the case.  However, the battle is far from over and every day looks scarier than the last (oh no, I said scarier; now the liberals will claim that I’m using scare tactics!).  The 2,074 page monstrosity that the senate is currently debating on is a one way ticket to further ruining the health care system and putting us in even MORE debt!

In reading today about the results of the McCain amendment vote, I am strengthened in my resolve that those voting in favor of this bill don’t actually care about saving the health care system in this country.  The McCain amendment would have saved $400billion from being cut from the Medicare program (a program that should have been evidence enough that the last thing we need is more government intrusion in heath care).  If you read this article from the Associated Press.

you will see the reasoning behind this vote clearly stated.  “[Passing this amendment] would have sent the entire 2,074-page bill back to the Senate Finance Committee for a redo.”  There you have it; we can’t be bothered to save seniors (the demographic that most commonly needs medical assistance) $400billion because it will take too long.

That’s the problem we’ve been having from the beginning; time tables.  President Obama is all about deadlines and that attitude trickles down to his minions in Congress.  We have to close Gitmo in a year, we have to pass a $787billion dollar spending nightmare within two months, we have to have a bill that totally changes every single aspect of our health care system by Thanksgiving; it’s the agenda of a mad man!  I’m all for a president who wants to get things done but this is like saying you want an answer to world hunger by New Years!  Apparently “change you can believe in” is change we rush through without a single thought.

It amazes me that people actually think this bill will lower health care premiums for Americans.  Conservatives have been shouting sense into deaf ears for months to no avail simply because those constituents listen to their liberal golden boys who say it’s all “scare tactics.”  What they call scare tactics are simply common sense.  Let’s break it down:

Insurance companies are barred from denying new claims based on pre-existing conditions so they are taking on thousands of new clients every day who turn around and file claims costing thousands of dollars after paying just one premium.  Costs exceed income and thus you have a loss.

Countless amendments force insurance companies to pay for procedures (like mammograms) in full no matter what kind of package the customer buys.  Costs rise while income does not, thus growing the gap.

Costs are no longer lower than income because these new regulations and the insurance company can’t pay its bills; thus closing down or jacking up their prices to stay aloft.

Americans move over to the public “option” because it’s the only thing anyone can afford anymore.

Insurance companies go out of business one by one, leaving only the government plan left.

America has socialized medicine.

This isn’t scare tactics, it’s basic economics!  Democrats like Harry Reid say that the government run plan is only an option but that “option” is run by the people making all the rules!  Imagine a football game where one team was also the referees!  How fair do you think the calls are going to be in that game?  It will start out as an option, but heavier and heavier restrictions on private insurance companies will eventually make it the only game in town.  As John McCain said, this is a ponzy scheme that would make Bernie Madoff proud!

The Democrats are right about one thing; those of us who understand the truth are indeed trying to “kill the bill.”  We need to turn this nightmarish bill into 2,074 fire-starters and write legislation that isn’t based in lies.  Change must be made, but you can’t rush it.  You can’t set deadlines on something this sweeping.  It must come in its own time.  Rahm Emanuel said that you should never let a good crisis go to waste and that has been the Democrat game plan since Obama took office.  We saw it with the stimulus package and we’re seeing it here now.  If you want to see the real “scare tactics” going on in Washington, look at the people yelling; “Quick, pass this bill before it’s too late!  No, there’s no time to read it or debate it, just vote for it!  If you don’t, we’re all doomed!”


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