The Dark Side of Green

There are several different political groups that often seem to get on my nerves and they all share one common trait: the gain what they want by exploiting the concerns of average people who genuinely want to do the right thing.  They tell us that we have to pass this health-care bill so that millions of Americans can finally get coverage while hoping that we will let our concerns for our friends and neighbors cloud our judgment.  Economics 101 and basic common sense are all we need to show that the 2,074 page nightmare the senate is debating on right now is a giant stack of lies and government takeovers waiting to happen.

We saw it with the stimulus package at the beginning of the year also.  How many times did President Obama and the Democrats in Congress tell us that we had to pass this spending bill as soon as possible or else the country would fall into ruin?  Well, we passed it and now we seem to be falling into ruin because of it!  We don’t have a country that is any better off but we sure do have a slew of new government interventions into private businesses and our private lives.

Well, the pack of political predators I’m going to gripe about this time is probably the one that bothers me the most.  I’m talking, of course, about the damn environmentalists.  Now, when I say environmentalists, I’m not talking about everyday Americans sorting their recyclables or picking up trash on the side of the road.  No, those people are a-okay by me.  It’s the soulless predators on capital hill that like to take that honest concern these people have for the planet and turn it into another chance to overstep the bounds of the Constitution and seize more control.

I’m not sure if everyone is up to speed on this, but a few weeks ago a series of emails was leaked from one of the White House’s leading environmental watch dog groups detailing plans to purposefully cover up scientific findings that suggest that global warming is, indeed, a hoax!  They were admitting that the data doesn’t point to the conclusion everyone has been assuming and they were purposefully going to hide that from the general public!  This news, ironically, came out only a few weeks before the big climate summit in Denmark that President Obama is scheduled to attend.

According to Fox News, many political activists, namely Sarah Palin, have been calling on the president to not attend the summit in light of this new evidence.  We have been shown clear proof that top level scientists are purposefully ignoring facts in order to twist the conclusions to fit a certain agenda!  Naturally this should be a big game changer and should be brought to the table for in-depth discussion before we go forward with any more “environmentally friendly” programs like the cap-and-trade bill or whatever they plan to force on us from this upcoming summit.

However, President Obama has made it clear that this new evidence will in no way change his mind about his cabinet’s position on global warming and that he will indeed be attending the climate summit.  Why?  Well let’s look at some of the things that they plan to accomplish at this meeting.  There were originally talks that legally binding contracts between the countries involved in the summit would be a possibility (does anyone else smell one-world-government there?) and they plan to find ways to administer financial aid to developing nations!  I’m sorry, are we not a bit scrapped for cash right now?  I seem to remember there being a trillion dollar debt that our new president is responsible for almost half of in just his first year!

See, this is the problem with “environmentally conscious” politicians like Barrack Obama and Al Gore.  They don’t really care about the environment but they know that average Americans do!  They use the honest and sincere hearts of these people and tug at their heartstrings to get support for things like cap-and-trade.  The evidence of this is clear in the response to these leaked emails.  The New York Times even tried to keep the emails from the public eye!  Robert Gibbs is still saying, “”I think there’s no real scientific basis for the dispute of (global warming).”  Really, Robert?  Even after these emails were released to the public you can still say that there is no evidence with a straight face?  There was a mountain of evidence that global warming is a sham before these emails came out.

Look, if you love the environment and genuinely want to protect it then this post is not lashing out at you.  You people are cool and are doing the world a service, but you need to stop and look at what your so-called saviors in Washington are doing to your cause!  They are ignoring facts and tugging at your heartstrings, not to help the environment, but to push their own political ideologies!  There’s a great saying going around right now and I think it’s one of the truest things I’ve ever heard:  If you want to go green, recycle Congress!


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