Looking for the Keywords

I’ve noticed a growing trend amongst the news coming out of Washington since the elections last November.  Everything these days seems to be, not just legislation, but sweeping legislation.  Every single bill sets out to completely overhaul some aspect of American life, be it heath care, the budget, climate control and now Wall Street.  It seems that the house passed a bill today that would give a massive overhaul to the financial sector of our economy, presumably to prevent another collapse like we had last fall.

It’s coupled with all the same tricks we’ve come to expect from our non-representing representatives.  Take a look at this quote from a Fox News article:

The sprawling legislation would give the government new powers to break up companies that threaten the economy, create a new agency to oversee consumer banking transactions and shine a light into shadow financial markets that have escaped the oversight of regulators.

The keywords are all there: power, oversee, shine-a-light (same thing as make-public).  We know what this is…MORE GOVERNMENT!  Once again the Democrats have decided that the only possible answer to our problems is more government.

Take special note of the fact that this bill passed the house by only 21 votes!  It passed without a single Republican voting for it and 27 democrats opposing it!  Whether you favor the left or the right it should scare you that any one side has gained this kind of power!  Nanci Peloci and her fellow liberals have almost unlimited power right now and I can’t possibly think of a scarier scenario for our nation.

I’m appalled by the quote from Barney Frank D-Ma who said; “Let’s put it to the American people: Do you prefer the Republican position of doing literally nothing to rein in these abuses or should we try to rein them in?”  Well, Mr. Frank, how about a taste of your own medicine?  Why don’t you take your health care nonsense to the American people?!  Less than half of Americans favor the 2,074 monstrosity you and your fellow liberals are trying to strong-arm across the president’s desk just like you did with the spending package that did nothing to help the economy and only succeeded in growing the debt and growing the government!

Remember all those people in the town halls you held over the summer?  Remember how they screamed from the rafters that they didn’t want this bill?  Remember all the tea party protests that have been relentless in their charge to stop the growing of the federal government and the national debt?  You say you want to take this to the American people, well I dare you!  See how much support you get for a bill that gives Washington the power to break up a privately owned business simply because they think it has become too big!

Here’s a homework assignment for America.  If you haven’t already, go read 1984 by George Orwell.  I say read it because that’s what the growing of government will inevitably lead to!  Look back at the keywords: control, oversee, determine, monitor, intervene, that’s what every single bill out of Washington will do and is doing!

We have to stop the madness.  The time for action has passed and we must act now!  This is not a call to violence but a call to wake up and get involved!  Make sure senators and representatives that write or vote for these kinds of bills never set foot in the Capital again!  This isn’t about Republican and Democrat anymore!  This is about America and preserving that which we must hold dear above all else, our freedoms.


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