Same Story, Different Cast

Hey everyone.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Most everything coming out of Washington in the last few weeks has just been the same old stuff and I, at the risk of becoming too repetitive, have decided not to make any more posts about health care and cap-and-trade until something new about them develops.  You all know my stances on these issues and I think I’ve made what we SHOULD do about these things abundantly clear by now.  With that said, on to something different.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this interesting new development in the news about Harry Reid but this article should get you up to speed.  It seems Mr. Reid let a little slip of the tongue happen and referred to Obama’s linguistic skills as lacking “negro dialect.”  Well, as you can imagine, the GOP has gone absolutely bonkers over the incident and are calling for Reid to step down as the majority leader in the senate.  Now, some of you may be expecting me to side with the GOP like I normally do but you may be shocked to find out that I’m not!

Here’s the deal; Michael Steele is crying foul on this incident for a very good reason.  This is the first time that a Democrat has gotten in hot water for showing signs of racial prejudice towards President Obama.  The Democrat party is blowing this off as simple mistake but Steele is calling them on their blatant hypocrisy.  Every time a Republican or Libertarian does anything remotely intolerant towards black Americans they get labeled as a racist.  Hell, they don’t even need to mention the president’s skin color anymore.  Just say something negative about Obama’s policies or agendas or anything else and SOMONE will say that you are just angry because you hate black people.  It’s happened to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Wilson (apparently the Democrats think that the GOP feels that lying is a black trait because that’s all he said) and many others.

Now the tables have turned and a Democrat has been caught with his hand in the racial cookie jar.  The problem is that, as the table has turned for one party, it has also turned for the other.  If the GOP wants to call someone on their hypocrisies they need to look in the mirror.  The GOP knows that all those Republicans and Libertarians aren’t actually racists and that the backlash put forth against them is far too harsh for what is/was undoubtedly a slip of the tongue.  Well, why are you then making the same claim when the shoe is on the other foot?  You want to know what the GOP should do about this incident?  Here’s what they should do: NOTHING!

If Michael Steele and the rest of the Republicans want to prove that a slip-up doesn’t make you a full-blown racist then don’t accuse your enemy of it when they happen to do the same thing.  They should just let this one go and show that they are the more compassionate group.  In condemning Harry Reid, they are condemning all of their fellow politicians that have been thrown under the bus in the past year for this exact same thing.  Yes, the Democrat party is being hypocritical for not chastising their own for doing exactly what some Republicans and Libertarians have done but the same is true for the way the GOP is handling things on their end.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a nine-hour long shower to wash off the fact that I just had to defend Harry Reid.  I feel dirty…


4 Responses to “Same Story, Different Cast”

  1. 1 Brienne January 10, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    See? Every once in a while we CAN agree!

    • 2 freedomwatchnews January 10, 2010 at 11:15 pm

      It’s times like this I like to prove that I’m NOT a Republican as many people think I am. I find plenty of fault in both parties (in fact, I just find fault in parties generally). There is fault on both sides here and that fault is, ironically, the reverse of what it normally is.

  2. 3 Noah January 12, 2010 at 12:12 am

    I don’t think Reid’s comments are all that horrible. He is of a different generation and probably does have some racist tendencies still lingering, but I dont think his comment amounts to much. You are right in saying that the left has over-used the race card. No doubt. The divisiveness that has come over such trivial things in the past year is ridiculous. Lets debate policy…not these distractions.

    • 4 freedomwatchnews January 12, 2010 at 12:35 am

      Well said. I found Reid’s comment to be quite true. There is such a thing as a typical Negro dialect and the comment that Obama lacks one is quite true. I found out today that Former President Clinton is also in trouble from the same book. He apparently was trying to convince a fellow Democrat to back his wife for president instead of Obama and said that Obama “would have been getting us coffee two years ago” or something like that (I’m not direct quoting because I don’t have my sources up at the moment. Now, I’m positive he was referring to the fact that Obama was still quite wet behind the ears at that time and not that a black person should be serving their coffee instead of serving in the senate. Anyone who feels that way is really just trying too hard.

      Goddess bless, how many Democrats am I going to have to defend in one week?!

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