Rush’s Message Without the Ego

As I said in my previous post, I don’t like how Rush Limbaugh handled the whole thing with Haiti and President Obama.  I found his remarks to be heartless, self-serving and petty.  However, they were not without at least some grain of truth.  There was a valid, lesson teaching point in Limbaugh’s rant that, were it more positively conveyed, could have served a greater purpose.  I hope I can do a better job of conveying that message than he did.

Limbaugh said that we don’t need to donate to the people of Haiti because we already have through the income tax.  The reason he said this is because President Obama has pledged $100million dollars in aid to the people of Haiti.  That money is, obviously, being taken out of public money which is collected from our taxes.  Tax money is supposed to go to public expenses and is not a book full of blank checks that the government can just play with however they please.  I share Limbaugh’s anger but would like to be a bit more compassionate in my reasoning.

See, Obama is looking like the world leader with the big heart by donating money that isn’t even his.  It’s easy to give something you didn’t work for and I understand why Rush was so angry (I just believe that his way of discussing it was extremely inconsiderate).  Obama is the ultimate opportunist and I find his actions here about as despicable as Rush’s except for the fact that what Obama did at least had the disguise of compassion.

Anyway, here is the point that needs to be made that Rush failed to touch on.  We don’t need to use tax money to help the people of Haiti because the American people have come together, like we always do, to help out.  The Red Cross set up a system where you can text them a donation that will be charged to your cell phone bill.  The program raised $1million in just its first 12 hours!  A million bucks in one day just from people who care enough to give from the money they actually EARNED!  THAT’S compassion, Mr. President!

This is far from the only kind of aid Americans are offering.  Many credit card companies are letting people make interest-free donations on their cards!  That’s PRIVATE BUSINESSES taking a loss so that they can help out those who have been affected by this terrible ordeal.  President Obama doesn’t need to send tax money to Haiti because America has enough kind hearts all on her own!  I’ve always said that welfare programs are nothing more than forced charity and completely unnecessary.  Well, it’s unnecessary because Americans are already the most charitable people on Earth!  Why should the government, who hasn’t earned a dime of what they are spending, write a check with public money when good-hearted people all over America are pouring out their generosity at a rate that grows exponentially every day?!

History has shown that Americans will always rise to the task when someone is in need.  Americans, without any persuasion from the government, gave billions of dollars after Hurricane Katrina and even more after the Asian tsunami.  After September 11th blood banks were so overwhelmed with people wanting to donate that many were turned away.  Has our history not shown that we are a nation full of compassionate people who are willing to do the right thing when our fellow man is hurting?

If Barack Obama wants to do the right thing, he should do what he was elected to do; be a leader!  He should go before the American people and inspire them to continue helping the people who have been hurt by this terrible tragedy.  That is how you lead a nation.  That is how you earn the right to be President of the United States.


2 Responses to “Rush’s Message Without the Ego”

  1. 1 Noah February 1, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    You do realize that a part of our national budget each year is designated for humanitarian foreign aid, right? Every President has pledged money that was already set aside for things like the disaster in Haiti. And yes, it is compassion because as a nation we have decided not to spend that allotment on ourselves, but on others. Further, any large pool of money is going to accomplish more. My government’s $100 million donation will do much more good than my $10 donation. The Red Cross has collected just over $2 million in private donations – that isnt nearly enough brother. We have the biggest economy in the world. We are obligated to help and private donations, as great as they are, just dont even scratch the surface.

  2. 2 freedomwatchnews February 1, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Yes, Noah, I do realize that but I don’t necessarily agree with it. Government paid foreign aid should be a program that Americans can opt into contributing to instead of having it stolen from tax money that we have no choice but to pay. The problem is that Washington (over several decades, not only recently) seems to have forgotten what taxes are. Taxes are money taken from citizens to fund public entities but the federal government has turned it into their own private bank account that they can use for whatever they want.

    Think about what happened with Social Security! This program started out as a federal retirement fund and the money was supposed to go into an account in the payer’s name and collect interest until they drew on it. The government wasn’t even supposed to be able to touch it. Then, some time in the 60’s, the Supreme Court ruled that Social Security was just another tax and that Washington could spend it however they wanted because it was just more public money.

    Remember, WE are the employers in this relationship with our elected officials but they keep us more and more under THEIR thumb every year. Why do they get to vote themselves raises? Are we not the ones that should be evaluating their performance?

    As far as your comment about private donations not being enough, imagine how much more money Americans could spend freely (including being charitable with) if we fixed the tax code. It is still my stance that the IRS and the American tax code are the absolute core of every single problem in America and I could fill a book explaining how that is. If we wend to the Fair Tax or some other simple program then Americans would have a TON of extra disposable income and could let that go to the charities they choose.

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