America’s New Witch Hunt

The late 1600’s had the witch trials of Salem, the 1940’s and 50’s had the McCarthy Communist accusations and now, at the beginning of the twenty-teens, we have our new political witch hunt…


This is another one of those sad times that I am forced to call out the flaws of even those I tend to admire because very few are exempt from this particular round of mindless finger-pointing.  When President Barack Obama was sworn in last January everyone was rejoicing about how this would issue in a new era for race relations in America.  Well, it DID issue in a new era for race relations in America, it just issued in an era where those relationships were WORSE!  I’ve heard more political figureheads, talk radio hosts, authors, newscasters and just general Americans be called racists in the past year than I have in my entire life.

The examples are just crazy; Joe Wilson was called a racist because he accused the president of lying, Glenn Beck was called a racist because he called Barack Obama a racist, Rush Limbaugh was called a racist for, well, being Rush Limbaugh and intellectual powerhouses (sarcasm implied) like Janeane Garofalo accused every single member of the tea party movement of ONLY disapproving of Obama because he was black!

Oh, and the right doesn’t get of the hook with this either.  Michael Steele and the rest of the republicans bashed Harry Reid for a comment he made MONTHS ago that happened to come out in a new book called “Game Change” when what he said was no more racist than anything any Republican has said.  Even one of my favorite political commentators, Lee Doren, said in one of his recent “How the World Works” videos that he agreed that Reid was being a hypocrite when he called Republicans racists because he was the real racist and…AAAAAHG!

The fact of the matter is that, of all the people who have been accused of being a racist in the past year, probably NONE OF THEM actually is one!  A couple of comments may have been poorly worded but I certainly don’t gleam blatant racist off of any of the examples the media has bombarded me with over the past year.  But what does someone do as soon as someone pulls the race card on them?  They go before America and apologize in order to save face.  Does anyone else see history repeating itself here?

Of all the poor women who were burned at the stake in seventeenth-century Salem for witchcraft, how many of them were actually practicing witches?  History has shown that a small sliver at best were actually guilty of what they were being accused of but almost all of them admitted to it.  Why—to save face!  We are seeing the SAME THING today!  Joe Wilson, in a burst of rage over the blatant lies President Obama was declaring during his speech to Congress, shouts “you lie!”  That night he’s on the phone with the White House apologizing for what he’s done.  Harry Reid makes a maybe-kinda-sorta-but-not-really off-color remark months ago that is mentioned in a book and now he’s begging America for forgiveness.

Two things need to happen.  First, the people being accused of racism need to metaphorically grow a set and stand by their convictions in the face of low-ball tactics like this.  These people need to stand before America and say, “I meant what I said and I stand by my convictions.  It doesn’t make me a racists to feel the way I feel and I will not fall for your attempts to defeat my principles by putting me on the defensive,” or something like that at least.  That’s step one.  Step two is for America to start giving people the benefit of the doubt!  I’m not saying racism doesn’t still exist but it certainly doesn’t exist to the point everyone is going on about it these days!

The fact of the matter is that these tactics are all done for the same purpose, changing the subject.  Calling someone a racist because they don’t agree with you makes them switch tactics and start defending themselves instead of continuing to argue their points.  It’s a dirty way to defeat someone without actually proving your case and it needs to stop.


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