Are You Excited?!

It has been a while since I’ve been this excited about an election.  The last presidential election just gave us the choice between a bad and worse candidate just like the one before that and so on.  No, this is an election I’m really drumming my fingers in anticipation for and I don’t even get to vote in it.

I am, of course, referring to the vote tomorrow in Massachusetts between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.  It would be wonderful if Scott Brown took the vacant senate seat, left after the passing of Ted Kennedy, but it’s the fact that the race has become so close at all that makes this moment truly remarkable.  A Democrat has held that seat in the senate for a half a century and Massachusetts is one of the most liberal leaning states in the union!  Scott Brown was facing a double-digit points difference between him and his opponent and is now AHEAD in the polls going into tomorrows race!

Setting aside who wins (although PLEASE let it be Brown!) this event has already proven to be a crushing blow to the Democrat party and their long list of liberal agendas.  President Obama himself even put his weekend on hold to go to Massachusetts and campaign for Mrs. Coakley himself; something he did for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds who both went on to LOSE their elections to their GOP opponents!  To be quite honest, I’m surprised that Mrs. Coakley even agreed to have the president campaign for her given the track record his persuasion powers have had thus far.

What is truly great about this whole moment is that it seems to be the biggest fanning the fires of America’s next (non-violent) revolution has gotten since the first tea party last tax day.  Take a moment to think of the scope of what’s happening: MASSACHUSETTS IS SICK OF THE LIBERAL AGENDA!  We’re talking about a state that already has a form of socialized medicine (on a local level, of course) and they are saying ENOUGH!  Massachusetts ranks only behind California in terms of how liberal its citizens are and their populous seems ready to send a conservative to Washington; that’s how sick of the Obama agenda America has gotten!

Are you getting excited yet?!  Even if Brown loses tomorrow, this whole ordeal is proving that NO Democrat’s seat is safe when the midterm elections happen later this year.  All those bribes they’ve been taking, all those spending sprees they voted for as their constituents cried out for them to stop, all the pushing for new socialistic programs that undermine our Constitution and free-market system…IT’S ALL COMING BACK TO BITE THEM NOW!

Even if Mrs. Coakley wins and Obama keeps his 60 Democrats in the senate, those fearful of losing their seats this winter won’t DARE vote to pass this health care disaster that poll after poll has proven that Americans don’t want.  The bill may already be dead even without a GOP victory tomorrow.

I hope you’re excited.  I hope you’re fired up.  The fires of revolution are burning strong and they’ll only grow brighter from here.


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