Fox News reports of Brown's victory in Massachusetts.

My brothers and sisters in non-violent arms, we have seen the dust settle on one of the biggest battles our new American Revolution has had since it started last year, and we have been victorious.  For the first time in about half a century, the far-left leaning state of Massachusetts is sending a conservative to represent them in Washington.  If there is any one event that we will look back on and say “this is where the winds of change were finally felt by our opponents,” it is this moment right here.

With this vote, the Democrat party has LOST its 60 seat majority in the senate and, thus, their ability to pass any bill they want without any Republican support.  I can’t for certain say that the health-care bill is dead in the water, but its future looks grim for the first time in a long time.  Democrats in Washington have been trying to come up with new ways around having the Senate re-vote on this bill for days now, knowing that the seat the late Ted Kennedy held for about forty years is no longer theirs to control.  One idea being knocked around is to try and have the House pass the version of the bill that the Senate passed just before Christmas.  The only problem is that you have to get everyone in the House to agree with ALL 2,074 pages of the bill that the Senate passed!  Another option would be to strip the measure down to its financial changes and pass it as a budget change which only needs 51 votes to pass.  The problem Democrats face there is that all those big staples of the bill like ending denials based on pre-existing conditions and a government run health plan would be unable to pass with it.  Either way you slice it, it looks like the pork-laden, bribery saturated, socialism pushing monstrosity that is the health-care reform bill is on the ropes and ready for us to go for the knock-out.

And I couldn’t be happier.

As I said before, this one event, more than anything else, proves that even the bluest of states are fed up with the Obama/Peloci/Reid express as they try to destroy all that is good about America as fast as possible and make way for the socialistic utopia they’ve dreamed of creating.  We have shown Democrat (and traitor Republican) incumbents that there are consequences to their actions and that we, the people that keep them employed, are watching every move they make.  All those backroom deals, all those secret meetings and all the times these elected officials have forgotten that they are supposed to represent the people, not their own agendas, will no longer stand and the fires of America’s next revolution have never been hotter!

My friends, rejoice, but don’t let your guard down.  Tonight is a night for Champaign toasts and joyous singing but tomorrow the war rages on.  However, we go into battle tomorrow more confident and sure of our cause than ever before.  For the first time since the first tea party last spring (the nation-wide event that the liberal media and officials just brushed off as no-big-deal) our enemy is feeling the sting of our resolve!  They know now that their future looks grim and that America isn’t going to put up with their nonsense anymore.  After tonight, all of those non-representing representatives are faced with a choice, own up to your mistakes and start doing your job or we’ll find someone else who will.

Fellow patriots, victory is ours tonight, but the war rages on…


4 Responses to “Victory!”

  1. 1 Ira Miller January 20, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Indeed a victory. Hopefully a healthy balance has been restored. Nicely put Joe.

  2. 3 Noah January 20, 2010 at 5:48 am

    I am all for balance as Ira pointed out. And Scott Brown ran an incredible campaign against an out-of-touch and apathetic candidate to accomplish what most thought to be impossible. You are right, Joe. It is huge. And your predictions about the healthcare bill are probably right on as well.

    I will stop short of saying that I am dissatisfied with Obama (although I will express overwhelming dislike for Pelosi and Reid). I think Obama has faced some nearly unprecedented hurdles in his first year, and we are seeing economic growth. It takes years to see the effects of a President’s policy, so to say he has done anything to hurt our economy is a poor assumption at best. We will just have to see where we stand in the next couple years.

    Joe, we disagree on a lot, but I believe strongly in revolution. I think it is healthy and vital to a successful democracy. For that reason, I am a fan of the brewing discontent on the right. It is scary, but judging by history, its a positive thing. Keep writing.

    • 4 freedomwatchnews January 20, 2010 at 11:32 am

      Noah, I’ll agree with almost all of your comment. I fear Reid and Peloci a lot more than I fear Obama. As for the president’s “hurdles”, I have to say that I would be a bit more understanding of your position if he hadn’t tried to sell all these bailouts/stimuluses/etc. as quick fixes. He said we had to pass the stimulus fast so that unemployment wouldn’t reach 10% and we see how that turned out.

      I’m glad to see that you believe in revolution. Don’t worry, I will keep writing (as long as intelligent people like you keep commenting 🙂 )

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