The Secrets Behind the Bailouts

Since America and the White House are still on the subject of the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled McCain-Feingold unconstitutional (hurray for common sense!) I figured we should keep talking about it as well.  It seems the president is still being a bit grouchy that at least five judges on the court have the audacity to actually follow their oath to uphold the Constitution and his anger is reflected in the announcement today of new laws the White House is proposing to side-step this ruling.  Remember, Obama and the Democrats don’t like the thought of businesses being able to run ads against them (especially now that we’ve got midterms upon us and Americans are sick of the liberal agenda) and will do everything in their power to make sure the absolute freedoms of the Bill of Rights are weighed down with as many loopholes, restrictions and penalties as possible.

This article from the Associated Press does a fine enough job of laying out these decisions but they all require an intrusion into the private sector that the Constitution doesn’t allow the federal government to do!  They’re talking about forcing shareholders to vote on political ads the company can or cannot put out.  Wouldn’t shareholders ALREADY be doing that?  I’m sure that if the board of directors for Company X doesn’t like the kind of advertisements the firm is putting out they will make that known without Obama’s help.  They want to require CEO’s to appear at the end of commercials to let the public know who ran the ad.  What difference would that even make?  These things still don’t change the fact that Americans are free to do their own research on any topic that comes up, which is unbelievably easy with the internet at our fingertips.  Hell, most of us can just pull out our CELL PHONE and check the legitimacy of an ad’s claim before the commercial is even over!

However, of all the proposals that the administrations is putting out to try and once again stifle our first amendment rights, one in particular sent out warning sirens when I read it.

“…limiting the ad-spending of corporations that have received federal bailout money or that get federal contracts” (The Associated Press)


Obama and the rest of the liberals destroying this country didn’t bailout these businesses to save the economy.  After all, why would Obama want to save all those evil cooperation that he hates so much?  If he really hated them he would have let them fall and give rise to new businesses (the way it SHOULD have been).  No, the bailouts were done for one reason only; why give rise to new businesses when you can keep the old ones but have them indebted to Uncle Sam?  See, the Constitution clearly defines what the government can and cannot meddle in and the private sector is a big no-no in most cases for Washington.  The whole reason for the bailouts was to enslave the private sector through debt.  When you are indebted to someone or something, that entity pretty much owns you.  This was all a ploy to let the government gain control of these private businesses and achieve the socialistic utopia they so crave.

The same thing already happened to the auto industry.  Instead of letting these companies file for bankruptcy normally the government BOUGHT them; with OUR MONEY no less!  General Motors is now Government Motors (hey, at least they didn’t have to change their initials) and no longer functions as a private sector business.  I laughed when Obama said that Washington would take a passive role in the ownership since he FIRED GM’S CEO!  I’m sorry, but you can’t get any more involved than that.

This is what’s happening here and it proves what Tea-Party activists knew all along; it’s all been a ploy for more control.  Even if these businesses WANTED to put out ads against the administration they can’t because they owe them money!  You want to talk about silencing a voice, President Obama, how’s THAT for an example?!  Now all Obama has to say is no and these business’ hands are tied!

This is why the bailouts have to stop.  This is why government intrusion needs to be beaten back.  President Reagan proclaimed that government wasn’t the solution, it was the problem, and he was EXACTLY right!  More government control only serves to WORSEN America by removing our free-market system.  It’s time for the bailouts to stop and let the system run its course.  It’s time to get America back on track.


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