A New Direction, But Still the Wrong One

When Barack Obama took office in January of 2008 the number one concern amongst Americans was the economy.  What was Obama’s number one priority?  Healthcare.  Well, yes, he at least pretended to work on the economy by sending us further into bankruptcy on a huge stimulus gamble that doesn’t seem to be working.  For the most part, though, the president has had the blinders on to what the American people want and has focused all his attention on fixing a healthcare system that isn’t as broken as he keeps claiming it is.  Well, the election of Scott Brown seems to have finally pulled the plug on the pork-laden, bribe-filled madness that was the healthcare bill so even Obama knows that it’s time to switch tactics.  Here we are a year later and the number one concern amongst Americans is STILL the economy.  Is that finally the president’s number one agenda?  No.

According to the Associated Press, “Obama’s [new] proposals won’t create jobs, but he said they could “re-establish some of the security that’s slipped away.””  You know what would make Americans feel more secure?  HAVING THEIR JOBS BACK!  I thank my goddess that I still have my job but I know that if I lost it tomorrow, NOTHING would make me feel at all secure until I got another one!  NOTHING!  The American people want jobs, Mr. President!  How much longer will you ignore the cries of your constituents and only focus on your own personal agendas?  The president is expected to outline his new proposals (the ones that won’t create jobs but will somehow magically make us all feel better about the mess we’re in) in Wednesday’s State of the Union address.  The Associated press outlined a few of the expected proposals in this article and I’d like to take them word-for-word and discuss them.

1)  Nearly doubling the tax credit that families making under $85,000 can receive for child care costs, with some help for families earning up to $115,000, too.

This is the one and only proposal coming out of Washington currently that I have no qualms with.  I’m always in favor of any kind of tax decrease although a reduction in taxes paid, rather than a credit, would serve a greater purpose.

2)  Capping the size of periodic federal college loan repayments at 10 percent of borrowers’ discretionary income to make payments more affordable.

Good, but it doesn’t justify the fact that you’re loaning out public money without the public’s consent.  If we want an entity to loan out our money, we put it in a bank. A bank gets us a return on our savings.  What are we, the taxpayers who put up that money, gaining by you loaning it out to students?  Why don’t you cut taxes so more of our money can stay in banks and get loaned out to students there where rates are competitive because of our free-market and…oh, wait…we still have the Federal Reserve messing that up.  Um, never mind.

3)  Increasing by $1.6 billion the money pumped into a federal fund to help working parents pay for child care, covering an estimated 235,000 additional children.

Did any of you see that news story last year (I’m trying and failing to find a link that isn’t expired) about the Michigan woman who got fined by the state for watching her neighbors kids?  Yea, she got in trouble with the law because every day after school her neighbor’s kids would stay with her till their parents got home from work.  The state said that she was trying to run a daycare without a license.  Yea, I’m not kidding.  The point is that we already have too many restrictions in our lives from the government over how we can raise our own children.  America is full of neighborhoods and communities already looking out for one another in these kinds of ways.  If you want to help them out, just act as an encouragement and let nothing stand in their way.  Why spend so much money for daycare credits when Americans already have friends and family who will help out this way anyway?

4)  Requiring employers who don’t offer 401(k) retirement plans to offer direct-deposit IRAs for their employees, with exemptions for the smallest firms.

More government control being forced onto private sector businesses; same old story.  I’ve argued about this till I was blue in the face already.  You know why this is a bad idea.

5)  Spending more than $100 million to help people care for their elderly parents and get support for themselves as well.

See comments to point three.

President Obama has learned nothing in his first year of office.  Americans are crying out for Washington to do LESS and the president responds by saying he will do more.  Stop trying to fix the problem, Washington, because you ARE the problem!

I will, of course, have a full report on the State of the Union address after the speech is over.


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