State of the Union 2010

In responding to this year’s State of the Union address I’d like to break up the speech into two parts: the things that I liked and my overall reaction.  I’m doing this so that I can get the praise out of the way, freeing me up to release my great disgust with the majority of this address completely and without interruption.

Okay, good parts of the speech.  My favorite part was that President Obama finally caved to the idea that we need to start offshore drilling and opening nuclear power plants in order to begin relying on our own natural resources.  I was also pleased with the president’s commitment to repeal the don’t ask, don’t tell policy that keeps gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.  I agreed with President Obama that we must reform our school system and base that reform on rewarding good teachers and not letting poor ones coast by without worry.  I liked that he seems to show a commitment to cutting taxes for businesses to hire new employees and to close the tax loopholes that send jobs overseas.

These were the parts of the speech that even I clapped for along with others in the chamber.  However, as the president has made clear in his first year in office, words and actions are two very different things.  Many of the good things Obama mentioned tonight like greater transparency, more bipartisan efforts and reining in earmarks were campaign promises that got him elected in the first place; promises he then blatantly ignored during his entire first year in office.  Barack Obama is a man of many elegant words but not a man of actions to back them up.

Now that I’ve got the positives out of the way, I want to throw the gloves off and get to the heart of what this speech was.  Let me be abundantly clear when I say that the 2010 State of the Union Address was, by far, the most arrogant display of blatant disregard and self-service that I have ever seen in my entire life.

America went into this speech expecting (or at least hoping for) a chastened president who had finally woken up to the cries of his constituents.  We were hoping for him to move towards the center from the far left and show that he had heard the cries America has been giving him through a long year of town-hall meetings and tea-party rallies.  That was not at all what we got tonight.

What we got tonight was proof positive that our president either has no clue why America has lost favor with him so greatly in just one year or just doesn’t care.  I believe he summed it up nicely near the beginning of the speech when he proclaimed that struggling Americans were looking to Washington to solve their problems.  Throughout the night, no other thing he said spoke louder to his blatant disregard for public concerns than that one sentence.  President Obama still doesn’t realize that what America is crying out for Washington to do is BACK OFF!  America believes that government, not Wall Street or the banks, is the real reason we hit this recession and that we want them to do less so that the free market can pull us out of this as only it can.

The president spent the whole night going full steam ahead on some of the most despised pieces of legislation from the past year.  He boldly stated that cap-and-trade was a dire need because the science of global warming was irrefutable!  The science backing man-made climate change is sketchy at best, bogus at worst!  There is FAR too much discrepancy on this issue to make such a claim, especially when it’s the basis for a bill that will kill our energy industry and send America’s power bills through the roof!

He proudly praised his stimulus package, which sent this nation further into debt in just one year than George W. Bush did in two complete terms, saying that it worked to save the economy.  It did nothing of the sort!  Study after study has confirmed that the tremendous amounts of spending that went into that monstrosity of a bill did nothing to curb unemployment or boost lending.  He arrogantly proclaimed that Republicans should stop trying to stop all legislation and start working together with Democrats when his administration has BARRED the right from the law writing process and refuses to acknowledge their input.  The right has had many good ideas for healthcare reform since DAY ONE!  Bob McDonnell mentioned several of them in the Republican response speech (which was SO MUCH BETTER than Jindal’s last year)!

In addition to the arrogance were the shady attempts to appear humbled.  He said that his administration had made mistakes but didn’t list a single one.  He praised every single notion or action he and his administration had made in all of 2009.  He also tried to appeal to the right by proposing a spending freeze; an idea that would be fine if spending was not already at an all-time high.  A freeze is not a reduction and the American people understand that.  It’s easy to call for a freeze when your budget already allots you more money then you could ever need.

However, the most despicable part of the evening was when he chastised the Supreme Court (all of whom were sitting directly in front of him) for overturning the ruling on campaign finance spending.  He stopped just short of calling them idiots and in a venue where they had no chance to defend themselves.  This horrible action was a spit in the face of our checks-and-balances system and amounted to nothing more than blatant bullying.  I’m expecting a backlash from the court against the president as I’m sure he now has no friends on the bench after that little stunt.

If this speech has taught us anything it’s that Obama is still not listening.  In fact, this is the equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting LA LA LA LA as America tries to cry out about our distrust in his methods and our dispositions about his policies.  He is a man that has abandoned the very notion of what it means to be the president.  He believes that he is in a position to rule and that his vision should win out over that of public opinion.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if his poll numbers are even lower tomorrow after this hour and a half long flexing session of political and influential muscle.

There are other parts of the speech I’d like to cover but to go over the whole thing would fill a book and I grow tired in these late hours.  Goodnight, America.


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    It follows a tangent, but I just posted my response to this post over on my blog.

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