A False Sense of Fiscal Conservatism

Hey everyone, I’m a little tired after the very long day I’ve had but I just wanted to make a quick post about Obama’s proposed spending freeze.  Now, there is a very elaborate plan in the workings here and I think early realization is going to be the key to stopping it before it even takes off.  You may have heard in Obama’s abysmal State of the Union address that he is proposing a spending freeze for all non-defense, non-veteran affairs for three years.  The freeze would take place in 2011.

Now, on the surface, this would appear that Obama is finally showing some fiscal responsibility but you must look at the entire picture to see the method behind the madness.  Congress Democrats (acting alone) just raised the debt ceiling an additional $1.9trillion.  That hike gives the Democrats one full year to make sure the budgets for all of their discretionary pet projects are as high as they could possibly need them.  Then, Obama would “freeze” those levels, thus locking them in place for years to come.

Remember, a freeze is not a lowering.  If you were trying to be more fiscally responsible and save more money, would you simply hold all your current expenses where they are or would you cut out all of the things that you don’t need and put that money towards paying off your debts?  See, this is the reason why most Americans – (I was asked by a reader to stop just saying “Americans” because not all Americans feel this way.  Since that is true, I will now be saying “most Americans” instead because I can pull up plenty of polls from unbiased statisticians that prove that the majority of Americans feel the same way I do.) – are dissatisfied with Washington’s dealings with the economy is because the answers are so very simple.  We handle budgets in our own families every day and none of our financial plans to increase our wealth ever include incurring more debt.  If any one of us talked to a financial advisor and asked if the Obama fiscal plan would be good for our household budget we’d be laughed out of his/her office!

Another thing to remember about a spending freeze is that frozen money doesn’t go DOWN either!  Once Obama and his liberal schemers have all the money they could possibly need for their pet projects they’ll freeze those spending levels which will make it even harder for them to be lowered: all this while showing the guise of changing his tone and becoming more fiscally responsible.

The 2010 State of the Union proved to us that Obama hasn’t changed his tone, just his tactics.  His socialistic agendas are still the same but he now knows that most Americans are wise to them.  He’ll have to switch tactics and try to sneak them past us instead of just rushing to pass them all.  See, Obama knows that the liberals will lose power at the start of 2011.  Rather than trying to fix the country, they’re trying to set up the next Congress for an even bigger mess that they can then blame on them!   It’s like a game of chess where you have to stand up every now and then and have another player take your place.  The Democrats are spending this last turn of theirs positioning the pieces so that the conservatives that follow them have a bigger mess on their hands.  Then, they can turn to the American people and shout; “look, the conservatives are doing even worse with the economy!  Let us back in and we’ll make it right!”

Don’t let them fool you, America.  You know what real fiscal responsibility looks like because you have to exercise it every day in your own families.  Obama is trying to pull the wool over our eyes so we will soften our battle cry and call off the troops.  This means that we’ve got him backed into the corner.  The time to sound the charge has never been greater!  Don’t back down, America.  Continue to fight for real fiscal conservatism and responsible government.  We’ve accomplished so many amazing things!  Remember how just a few months ago no one was even CONSIDERING that the health care bill would completely die?  We were just hoping for a softened blow but instead we sunk that battleship with a surprise attack from Massachusetts!  Don’t forget the fact that we’re winning right now in our fight to get America back to the way it is supposed to be as outlined by our Constitution.  Press forward, my brothers and sisters in non-violent arms!  On to victory!  Charge!

On another note, Karl Rove now follows “Freedom Watch News” on Twitter!


2 Responses to “A False Sense of Fiscal Conservatism”

  1. 1 Noah February 1, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Just a comment on your decision to use the phrase “most Americans.” I am guilty of this too, but saying “American” shows our attitude of exceptionalism. Why do citizens of the United States get to be THE Americans? What about people from South AMERICA? What about Native AMERICANS? What about Canadians? What about Latin AMERICANS? We share this land that we’ve dubbed ‘America’ (north, central and south), but we’ve hijacked the name because we feel as if we are deserving.

    Just a thought.

  2. 2 freedomwatchnews February 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Noah, keep in mind that (as far as I can remember) we are the only nation in North or South America to actually have the word “America” in our nation’s name. Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, etc. all refer to us as Americans. If there were more of a world-wide outcry about this it would be one thing I don’t see anyone calling foul.

    Also, United-Stateians doesn’t exactly role off the tongue.

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