North Carolina Erases History

This is exactly what happens when you let a liberal government be in charge of your child’s education…

If you haven’t heard the news then be ready for a shock.  High schools in North Carolina are considering THROWING OUT United States history before 1877 and replacing it with “global studies.”  That’s right, these students would be taught nothing about the founding of America, the revolutionary war, the Constitution our country is founded on, the civil war or any of the presidents before Hayes!  Can you imagine?!

The excuses for this outrageous robbery of America’s next generation are just as staggering.

“We are certainly not trying to go away from American history,” Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, told Fox News. “What we are trying to do is figure out a way to teach it where students are connected to it, where they see the big idea, where they are able to make connections and draw relationships between parts of our history and the present day.”

America, this is exactly why I don’t trust the public school system.  In a world where Americans are growing up with no understanding of American history and how it applies to our modern world, now the schools in MY HOME STATE are going to just not teach that part of history to high schoolers at all!  The early parts of our history are the most important!  Americans graduate high school now with no understanding of what our Constitution means and what our nation stands for!  They graduate thinking that the civil war was fought over slavery and not state’s rights!  THEY THINK AMERICA IS A DEMOCRACY!

The disgraceful individuals behind this travesty try to excuse it by saying, “The students are in school for 13 years…They certainly are taught U.S. and North Carolina history in middle school.”  Think back to when you were in school.  Do you remember any differences between how you learned U.S history in grade and high school?  In grade school we sang songs about Christopher Columbus and had Thanksgiving pageants.  We learned what our founding documents were but nothing about what they said or stood for.  This is for good reason because children of that age are not ready to understand the depth of what freedom really means and how hard our founding fathers had to fight and how much they had to sacrifice to get it.

Learning these things in high school takes it to a much deeper and more meaningful level (or at least it should).  Only young adults can truly grasp the concepts of what our Constitution means!  Only young adults can understand how and why our system of government was created and why it is so vital to the survival of a free state.

We all know why this is being done.  It’s another giant leap in the liberal government’s long traveled agenda of indoctrination.  See, the public school boards want children to learn the basics of American history like we did as youngsters and then growing up thinking that that’s all there is to learn.  They want us to graduate still not really understanding how our government works or how blessed we all are to live in this free land.  Instead they want to teach “global studies” and further their agenda of globalization.  They want to turn over control to entities like the United Nations and become a one-world government.  They want us oblivious so they can continue to push their socialistic agendas passed us while we cheer them on, thinking they are acting in our best interest.

Our founding fathers fought a war against the most powerful empire in the entire world because they believed in the idea of a free country where all men were born with rights that no government of man could ever take away.  All I know about the Constitution and our early history I’ve had to seek out on my own.  My public school education didn’t prepare me with the mental tools I needed to be an informed and active participant in our nation’s political stage and now it seems they’re going to try even less.  Our education system is already a crock of indoctrination-filled nonsense and has become more so every year.

The current youths of America (myself included) were robbed of a true education and, thus, have been hijacked by the liberal institutions to believe that government is there to solve all our problems and that our creator-given freedoms are subject to scrutiny should our elected officials deem it so.  This is not the America we were promised in our founding documents and it’s not an America I will spend even one breath supporting.  If you have a child and live in North Carolina, I want to hear you protest this notion until your superintendent’s ears are ringing.  If this audacity still passes, then get your child OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL!  Get them in a good private school if you can afford it or home-school them if not.  Don’t let the next generation be even more dooped than we were by the government-run education system.  Take a stand and fight back.  You know what our founding father really stood for.  Let that spark that inspired them inspire you and let’s take back America from those who would see it forever changed!


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