The Myth of Bipartisanship

For the past thirty-four years Lake Superior State University has released a banned words list, highlighting the most over-used terms and phrases of the past year.  Often these words stem from the political arena with entries like “stimulus” and “green.”  Well, we’re only two months into 2010 and I’ve already got a nomination for this year’s list.


I’ve heard this word enough in the past few weeks to never want to hear it again.  Most on the left (and some of the right) is trying to pick up their guitars and hold some sort of political sing-a-long between the Republicans and Democrats.  They are wanting everyone to find middle ground on which to make progress on all the various bills that just can’t seem to make it to the president’s desk.  They believe that the two parties can each cross over the isle and work towards real progress.

These people are delusional.

Let me put this as bluntly as possible so that we have no confusions.  Bipartisanship is absolutely impossible.  Some of you will call this pessimism but I argue that it’s simply realism.  The reason why is that all of the people advocating for this fall into one of two categories: those who are trying to get onboard with America’s new buzzword and those who don’t realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  There’s no reason to explain the people from column A because it kind of speaks for itself.  These are mostly your Obama’s boot kissing Democrats like Reid, Peloci and Gibbs; people who really act as nothing more than presidential parrots.  They are the profits of their great messiah and forsake all to see that his will be done.

The column B people are your average Americans who genuinely want to embrace the ‘can’t we all just get along’ hippie mentality.  I really can’t say that I blame these people and I don’t think they are idiots or anything.  I genuinely sympathize with these people because their reasoning is sincere.  These are the people who are tired of seeing the bickering and don’t understand why Republicans and Democrats can’t just find some common ground to build from.  The problem is that these people don’t understand the grander picture of American politics.

See, Republicans and Democrats aren’t just working off of differing opinions but polar opposite visions of what America is, was and should be.  This isn’t like trying to agree on pizza toppings.  We’re talking about differences at the most fundamental levels.  On the right we have the principles of a weaker government and a stronger citizenry.  Their vision is one of a limited central power where the greatest responsibility is left up to the people themselves.  They advocate things like the right to bear arms, granting more responsibility to local level governments and spending conservatively.  The left’s plan is for a centrally controlled America.  In their vision, the federal government holds the most power so they can have the ability to control the playing field for all Americans.  This is a vision of distributed wealth, a citizenry dependent on the federal government and a regulated market.

Basically, we have a battle between capitalism and (whether the left wants to admit it or not) socialism.

The problem is that, between these fundamentally different governmental forms, there IS NO middle ground.  It truly is the oil and water of politics.  How can these two groups find a middle ground when they each want to take America in completely opposite directions?  They each have their own vision of what’s best for America and the two visions couldn’t be any further apart.  There is no middle ground in the void that exists between these two, but that’s not the only problem.

Never before in Washington have we seen the kind of arrogance that we are witnessing today.  Now, I won’t say that this character flaw doesn’t exist on the right but it in no way matches the arrogance we are seeing in the White House.  The State of the Union proved just how greatly out of touch President Obama is with the American people and how he has become a servant, not of the people, but of his own agendas and dreams for a socialistic utopia here in America.

Obama’s recent tanking in the polls shows just how angry Americans are with his agenda and his policies.  His answer to all of this has been that he just needs to explain it better.  The president had dozens of interviews and speeches all across the nation where he did nothing but explain his healthcare plan and the people said no, yet he continues to push for it.  This is not a man representing his people; only himself.  This arrogance has transcended now into his phantom attempts to reach out to Republicans.  I say phantom because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it’s all a lie.  Were he really wanting their input he would have asked for it well before now, not when his filibuster-proof majority is destroyed and he’s backed into a corner.  You can’t craft sweeping legislation behind closed doors with only those who agree with you and EVER hope to be seen as open to suggestions.  It’s also evident in the manner in which he talks to the right.  His “talks” with Republicans have been nothing but lectures and his idea of crossing the isle is just to force the right to agree with him.  He claims that disagreeing with him is a vote to do nothing and this is a blatant lie.  There are many good ideas from the right for fixing healthcare and a slew of other things but the left continues to ignore them even now when they are no longer invincible.

Between these two issues it’s plain to see that bipartisanship is a myth.  It is an idea that cannot ever be brought to fruition and that’s just the cold, hard truth.  One side is going to have to win out over the other in this battle and I pray it’s the one that upholds the Constitution and the free market.  I know I’m not willing to work with Democrats on any of their socialistic ideals or with any Republicans that cross the isle in an attempt to look good for the cameras.  You can call me stubborn, pig-headed or anything else but I don’t care. I refuse to compromise on my values and on what I know is right for this country.


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