When the Bills Come Due

You know how you can go on vacation and pass around those credit cards like you’re dealing hands of poker?  You’re living carefree and happy, not thinking about the reality waiting for you when you get home.  Well, eventually, a letter or two (or three) comes in the mail and it’s time to pay up.  You’ve had your fun, now you have to find a way to pay for it.  The sweet life that you borrowed for has now called your tab and a long time of hardship awaits you.

Mr. Obama, your bills have arrived.

With fiscal conservatism on the rise in America like never before, even our thick-headed president and his fellow liberal conspirators knows that getting serious about the skyrocketing deficit is the only thing that can even give him a chance of saving his rapidly tanking poll figures, which now show only 46% of Americans approving of his job as president, a full 35% lower than George W. Bush was at this time in his first term (hey, if Obama wants to keep comparing himself to Bush then I’m happy to oblige).

However, for Mr. Obama, it won’t be as simple as just tightening the belts a bit and cutting spending.  No, no, we’re in too deep for such a simple solution.  No, even coming close to paying off our massive amounts of red ink is going to require another (yes, ANOTHER) broken promise from the anointed one.   If you might be confused as to what other promises our fearless leader has broken in just one short year, let’s go over the list.

Close Guantanamo Bay in a year.

End the war in Iraq.

Make government more transparent.  (It’s actually LESS transparent since he took office.)

Have bills up for Americans to read five days before they are voted on.

Put an end to no-bid contracts.

Reduce earmark spending and pork. (The stimulus package had enough pork for a nation-wide luau.)

Have healthcare debates on C-SPAN.

There are several more broken promises and I invite you to check out a long list of them from the St. Petersburg Times.

Every time the president goes against one of these promises, his poll numbers drop a little more.  However, these jabs to his presidency will be nothing compared to the massive right-hook he’s going to get from the next promise that’s on the table to be broken:

That was then Senator Obama in Dover, New Hampshire but it was a statement he repeated on several occasions throughout his campaign.  It was his strongest battle-cry throughout the 2008 race and it was one of the main things that swept this deceitful socialist into office.  Now, with the Democrat spending spree bills coming in and the absolute truths of fiscal conservatism ringing too loudly to ignore, Obama is faced with the ultimate decision; break his promise or let the debt continue to soar.

How ironic that the president chastened his fellow Democrats for caring more about their poll numbers than governing (which, by the way, is the same thing as saying ‘stop listening to what the American people want you to do and keep doing what I tell you to do’) because that’s exactly what the president is doing now!  Robert Gibbs, often the loudest component of the Obama lie-machine, was quoted as saying:

“The president doesn’t believe our economic growth … should be predicated on raising taxes on middle-class families. But that being said, the president’s just not going to get in the game of prejudging the outcome of a commission.”

President Obama isn’t making a decision for one reason and one reason only: he already knows the decision but doesn’t know how to sneak it passed us yet.  See, we all know exactly what’s going to happen.  Everyone’s taxes are going to go up.  That’s just the cold, hard truth.  It doesn’t matter how much you make or what “class” category you fall into.  If you make or spend money, you’re going to be paying more in taxes by the end of this year.  Mark my word, it will happen.  The problem lies in the delivery.  Knowing how these particular Democrats are known for deception in their workings, they would be most likely to somehow sneak the tax increase into other legislation and hope no one notices.  However, Obama, Reid and Pelosi know just how much more attention America is now paying to their every step so pulling the fast one on us is probably not the best option.

Here’s my prediction: The Obama administration will sit on this until after the healthcare forum (if any Republicans even show up).  After they’ve met and tried in some way to reconcile their differences, Obama will go before the American people and state that the deficit must take a higher priority.  Because of this, he will call for a BIPARTISAN EFFORT to bring down the deficit which will include a nation-wide tax hike.  He will first say that conservatives shouldn’t fuss because this is the issue they were complaining about the most and that everyone should have to pitch in to pay down AMERICA’S debt.  He’ll try to sell this as a nationwide effort and make people feel like their sacrifices are helping America (you know, give for the greater good).

The problem, Mr. President, is that this isn’t America’s debt, it’s YOUR debt.  YOU passed the pork-laden stimulus package, YOU raised the debt ceiling and YOU dished out more money to social programs and foreign aid.  You can blame Bush all you want but the greater part of this mess is yours, and in just ONE YEAR!

This is my prediction but I’d like to know what you think.  Leave a comment about what you think is going to happen and how Obama will try to sell us the inevitable tax increase we’ll all be seeing soon.  I’m looking forward to reading your ideas.


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