Drinking the Kool-Aid: Part 1 – The Left

The term “drinking the Kool-Aid” comes from the horror of the Jonestown cult suicide in which over 900 people died for a bogus belief system they had become absolutely engrossed in.  These people committed a mass-suicide by drinking a flavored beverage that had been laced by their leader with poison.  Today, we use this term to describe anyone who has given themselves so completely to a belief system that is easily proved wrong but still refuses to see reason.  The left uses it to describe the right and the right uses it to describe the left.  Want to know who is right?

They both are.

There is a lot of nonsense that both the left and the right have bought into and I think it’s time to set the record straight.  Today’s post is the first of a two-part series.  Today, we’ll look at the indoctrinations on the left and next time we’ll dive into what’s wrong on the right.

If you’ve even read a small handful of my blog posts you know what’s wrong with the left.  This being a right-leaning publication, we expose plenty of fallacies on the left all the time.  We’ve discussed time and again how leftist agendas are driven by emotions over reason and passion over responsibility.  Liberal politicians therefore prey on these bleeding-heart constituents by claiming to fight for their causes.  They’ll make it all better as long as the people relinquish a little more of their power and freedom to them so they can make it happen.  This is why I always think that liberal politicians are nothing more than parasites that feed on the good intentions of those who vote for them.

So the liberals “drink the Kook-Aid” and give up their freedoms to their elected officials so they can give them “free” healthcare, “clean up the planet” with cap-and-trade or tax all those mean-old rich people because how DARE they be successful!  But what happens next?  Reality always catches up with us and before long we are seeing the negative aspects of the liberal agenda.  Taxes go up, the economy gets worse, freedoms are limited, debts skyrocket and government grows ever larger.

So then why do these people who subscribe to the liberal agenda not notice the consequences of their elected official’s actions?  Surely they MUST be paying attention, right?  Well, this is where the real con is taking place.  See, liberal ideals are meant to appeal to Americans on an emotional level and not a reasonable one.  In other words, it’s part of a fantasy.  With that understood, the only way to keep people following the agenda is to keep them in the fantasy.

Have you ever noticed who the loudest voices are in the liberal movement?  It’s entertainment personalities!  Sure, they have their “serious” reporters like Keith Olbermann (goddess bless, I couldn’t say that with a straight face) but his ratings are far lower than those of Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show”.  Now, I LOVE watching “The Daily Show” but I don’t take it seriously as a source of dedicated journalism.  I turn to Fox News and The Associated Press (in some cases) for that.

However, a large amount of people in America trust this comedian to deliver the news to them.  A TIME magazine poll last year of 9000 people revealed that a whopping 44% of those surveyed said that they watch “The Daily Show” as a trusted news source!  This is a comedian!  Sure, he’s funny and his show is quite entertaining but it’s not news and doesn’t claim to be.

Why do people go to Jon Stewart for their news instead of Fox, CNN or some other dedicated journalism source?  Simple, Jon Stewart presents current events in the safe zone that is fantasy.  He makes jokes and includes funny skits instead of delving deep into the subject matter.  He keeps the liberal agenda in the emotional realm of entertainment and fantasy where it can thrive, disregarding the harsh realities associated with leftist politics.

We see this in other ways too.  Hollywood is by far the most vocal entity for the left in the entire country.  Movie stars like Matt Damon, Danny Glover and Ashton Kutcher bash politicians like Sarah Palin and George W. Bush but without any kind of real substance behind their accusations.  These people get heard because they are famous and Americans are already listening to them anyway.  When Americans are already looking to you for entertainment then you have the power to sneak in any agenda-supporting messages you want and people will follow them.  Look at this audacious video put out by Ashton Kutcher and several other celebrities.

See, people who are already fans of these entertainers listen to messages like these because the messengers are mixing politics with fantasy.  Did you hear at the end when Demi Moore said she pledges to be a “servant” to our president?  What a horrible message to send to people, but they follow it!  We get these leftist messages in movies as well.  I’ve still not seen “Avatar” because I don’t care to but I’ve heard from several sources that it was full of leftist agendas about climate change and the injustices forced upon the middle/lower class.

So the left “drinks the Kool-Aid” because they are letting fantasy shape their reality.  They get their messages from entertainment entities that play with their emotions and disregard sense and practicality.  Therefore, when a politician comes along promising the fairytale they’ve seen in the movies or on television they are eager to get that “champion of the people” into office, not realizing the negative consequences such agendas have when practiced in the real world.

As for the right, don’t think you’re getting out of this because there’s plenty of Kool-Aid to go around.  We’ll get to the flavor you’ve been drinking next time.


4 Responses to “Drinking the Kool-Aid: Part 1 – The Left”

  1. 1 Noah February 17, 2010 at 3:53 am

    I think this is a pretty unfair generalization. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I like to think that I am fairly well-read, and I’ve devoted my life to education. It is not a fantasy to read about the exploitation of the 18th and 19th Centuries in America when unbridled capitalism led to the exploitation of anyone without the means to purchase their freedom. Without this “fantasy” our economy would still allow for this filth. And in part, it still does. Granted we’ve come a long, long way. But to argue for limited government and personal responsibility is a joke when you look at any historical account of giving that freedom to the wealthy.

    I will undoubtedly choose to allow government to collect profits, knowing that the government is elected democratically and held accountable through a system of checks and balances, than give the wealthy unchecked freedom to exploit the masses again. Even the governments failures are better.

    Now I will give you that the exploitation that has scarred our nation did result in great economic growth. So, if you want to argue numbers – you win. If you want to argue for human rights, my “fantasy” will win every time.

    • 2 freedomwatchnews February 17, 2010 at 4:03 am

      You may be an exception to the rule, but statistics prove (for the most part) my case. Poll after poll of liberals show that they get their “news” from sources that aren’t dedicated to actual journalism. I’m not saying that ALL liberals are this way, but, as I prove by my own example, not all conservatives are religious zealots. As far as the exploitations of the 18th and 19th century, those injustices gave birth to the unions. Unions came about through ordinary citizens needing the very help you are describing. Unions were formed without government help but have since become unnecessary. Unions today are not something I support because of what they’ve become but, back in the day, they were proof that the system eventually wins out in favor of the people. See, the people had a need and someone created a fill for that need. That’s capitalism at its most basic. Were the same injustices to occur today, I’m sure new union-like entities would rise up to meet the needs of Americans. The only way that the government can make everything “fare” is to control the playing field, which robs people of their individual freedoms. Remember the movie “I-Robot?” We find out in the end that the machines must enslave mankind in order to save it. That’s pretty much the socialistic agenda all wrapped up.

  2. 3 Noah February 17, 2010 at 4:18 am

    Unions were started violently. Politicians resisted the union movement, literally hanging those involved. Fortunately, people didnt give up. And maybe unions arent needed today, but I certainly will never oppose people organizing to ensure their freedoms are protected from those who have proven that their objective is profit by any legal means necessary.

    As for journalism, I work for the Center for Sustainable Journalism, a research center that exists to find new models for financially sustainable, ethically sound journalism. I get my information from all over the place, and probably mostly from conservative-leaning sources. Still, my views are shaped by the research I have done, am doing, and continue to read on a daily basis. If capitalism had at any time proven to aid the individual, I would support this unregulated, free-market ideology. Unfortunately, I’ve never once read a study that supported that wish.

    It is a battle of ideals. If we want our economy to continue to grow, allowing for further technological advances, more power, probably greater security, etc., then we allow the free-market to push us in that direction. We must understand the cost of that, however. That cost is individual freedom. While conservatives propagate this lofty idea that the free-market promotes freedom, it actually strips the individual of it, unless that individual can afford his/her freedom. On the other hand, if we are willing to forfeit the comforts of economic growth for the freedom that comes from owning our own labor, living unexploited, then the market must be regulated.

    I believe fundamentally that wealth must be concentrated. And I am more than willing to work for less than I am worth. However, I am not willing to turn over the profit made off of my labor to men and women who do not use for the greater good. The United States has demonstrated again and again that we will consume first, then give. The wealthy cannot be trusted to be the coffer for our riches. Now, I’ll give you that fighting unwarranted wars is the biggest waste of money, but we have the power to direct of government. I have no recourse with the wealthy.

    You can say that this is a fantasy, but this is an ideology in which I believe very strongly and with good reason. I believe in the individual and the rights that he/she deserves. I, too, believe in the Constitution of this nation, but I do not think that allowing corporations the increase profits as they wish, protects the freedom of the individual. History has shown us otherwise over and over and over again. Perhaps, socialism is just as dangerous. Is there a compromise? I’d love to hear proposals.

    • 4 freedomwatchnews February 17, 2010 at 5:48 am

      You and I seem to have VERY different ideas of what the term freedom means. How can you say that we will have more freedom with tighter governmental restrictions? Sure, cooperations can become tyrannical but the populous has a much better chance at defeating a cooperation than a government. A government is allowed to use deadly force to accomplish its goals, a power that NO other entity in the world is granted. I’ll happily take my chances with a conglomerate than with the government. See, a cooperation can only survive as long as people are giving it money. The easiest way to defeat a cooperation is to simply stop spending money on it. This why a lot of my posts always link back to my post called “Voting With Your Wallet,” because the trick to being successful in a capitalistic society is to be a wise consumer. If you stop spending money to the government (i.e paying taxes) because you don’t support what they are doing then you get thrown in jail!

      I have no doubt that politicians resisted the union movement because it put more power in the hands of the people. Government corruption is far from a new thing. We’ve been losing our system over several DECADES, not years and it only seems to get worse with each passing generation. The fact of the matter is that capitalism is the best system to ever aid the individual. The individual, under capitalism, is limited only by their own personal drive to succeed. A person can work hard to build a business and innovate to win out over their competitors, resulting in better, cheaper and more functional products and services for the consumers. It’s a win-win situation. This is what freedom is. Freedom is the ability to actually chase your dreams.

      The “problem” I guess you could say that exists in capitalism is that people are forced to accept the consequences of their actions. See, the Democrat plan always seems to be to have the people let the government make it all better. The founding fathers put the greatest power in the hands of the people but that power also bears the greater responsibility. If you want to sign up for credit cards without reading what you’re signing then you are free to, but don’t complain when they start screwing you over with high fees. If you want to squander your time in school away and not hone your skills to make yourself more appealing in the job market then go ahead, have fun in that dead-end job where you get treated like crap for low wages. The liberals in government say that these things are injustices when, in reality, the people have themselves to blame for their individual situations. I invite you to read my post called “The Credit Card Act and You” for more information on how more government control really turns out in the market.

      As for your comments on the rich, that’s going to be the subject of a near-future post (how is it that you always inspire me, Noah?) so I’ll get to those things later. Thanks for commenting.

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