Despite Summit, Obamacare Still Full Steam Ahead

Someone really needs to explain to the liberals in Washington what a compromise is.  After yesterday’s absolute joke of a bipartisan (goddess do I hate that word) summit the Obamacare freight train is still moving full steam ahead no matter who or what gets in its way (even if that is us, the American people).  After the six hour long meeting with Republican lawmakers over what to do about healthcare legislation the “changes” picked up from the right are negligible and may not even be there at all when the bill finally crosses the president’s desk.

See, Republicans went into this meeting with a political gun to their heads.  Before the president wanted to sit down and talk he had already drafted his own form of healthcare reform; a sure sign that this little meeting was nothing more than a photo-op to say ‘see, I tried to work with them.’  Did I not say it would go EXACTLY like this?  He gave very little ON very little when it came to ideas from the right.  He completely shot down the idea of scrapping the existing bill and starting over, a desire held by a vast majority of Americans.  He also rejected the idea of going over reforming healthcare piece by piece instead of in sweeping legislation.  Take a look at this video of then Senator Obama during a town hall debate against Senator McCain.

I could make a whole other post about the multitude of lies and broken promises from this speech but what I want to focus on now is at 1:50 into the video.  He talks about using a scalpel instead of a hatchet to take care of America’s budget problems.  Now that he’s been elected, every single motion he’s backed has been sweeping legislation.  He passed the stimulus package which added $787billion to our debt and had HUNDREDS of amendments!  He supports cap-and-trade which is a very vast and broad reaching reform of our nation’s energy creation and distribution practices.  Now, he’s supporting a $1trillion healthcare proposal that has more to do with bribing senators for votes than it does fixing healthcare.

Is this not taking a hatchet to our problems, Mr. President?  If you want to argue for fixing things a little bit at a time so that, “people who need help are getting help.”

This meeting was exactly what we were all expecting.  It was a sham of an attempt just for a chance to say ‘hey, we tried it their way, now we have no choice.’  There was no attempt what-so-ever to incorporate conservative ideas into this plan.  After six hours of back-and-forth between the Republicans and the Democrats, the president’s response to the ideas of the right was ‘I’ll think about it.’  Republicans like John McCain know that the only reason for this summit was for the president to tell his opponents that healthcare reform is, “his way or the highway.

So now the Democrats will push forward with reconciliation.  They say it’s the only way to get a job done that needs to be done.  It makes sense.  After all, Democrats have always supported reconciliation, right?  Wait…

All Democrats, all opposing reconciliation (or the “nuclear option”) when the tables were turned.  Did you notice some familiar faces in that group?  Obama?  Reid?  Biden?  These are all the people pushing for the nuclear option now.  Talk about hypocrisy!

Despite all this chaos, I still see hope.  The hope I see comes not from anyone in Washington (Scott Brown taught me that valuable lesson) but in the American people themselves.  Whether our government wants to admit it or not, a revolution has arrived!  We are living in the second American Revolution right now!  This revolution, however, will be fought, not with guns, but with politics.  Americans have woken up and are getting wise to socialism knocking on the door.  Americans aren’t going to stand for it anymore and it makes me proud.  Don’t forget how much we accomplished just last year!  They were going to have a healthcare bill signed into law by the summer!  It was US that stopped that!  It was US that stood up to tyranny and oppression from the most arrogant president, administration and congress in our history!  Keep up the good fight, America!


4 Responses to “Despite Summit, Obamacare Still Full Steam Ahead”

  1. 1 Phyllis Grammer February 27, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    WHY NOT FACEBOOK, we need this too!

  2. 3 Noah February 27, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Obama submitted a plan, which he should have done on Day 1 of his presidency. In his plan, he included 9/10 of the Right’s big wants. Still the republicans whined. Obama repeated over and over and over again that he was there to hear what was good and what was bad so that it could be changed. The Republicans refused to even participate. Instead THEY turned it into political theatre. I’m sorry, but if you watched the same Summit I did, then I must be brain-dead because I saw the Right pitch a fit for hours while Obama and the Dems tried to just get them to talk about creating a bill.

    • 4 freedomwatchnews February 28, 2010 at 12:58 am

      Noah, everything you just said goes against everything I’ve witnessed from the moment Obama took office. The Republicans wants were BARRED from the original drafts of the bills in both the House and the Senate as were the Republicans who proposed them. To say the Republicans refused to participate is like saying a hungry tiger in a cage doesn’t want the pile of steaks just outside the cage. You can’t say they didn’t want to when they did but weren’t allowed in. Harry Reid only chose liberal lawmakers that would agree with him to draft the Senate bill. It was a big no Republicans allowed event. You didn’t see the right “pitch a fit” as much as you saw them give clear and concise reasoning why the $1trillion dollar bill the Senate passed on Christmas Eve will ruin our country. This whole event was a fiasco and that’s how the liberals wanted it. They wanted to invite the Republicans because they knew they couldn’t get them to agree with such blatantly socialistic legislation even if they themselves caved on a couple of notions like letting insurers compete over state lines which are no-brainer ideas anyway! The whole reason for this was to appear to be bipartisan. I explained in an earlier post that bipartisanship cannot and should-not work.

      Also, would you please site what 9 of what 10 Republican wants the president included in his plan?

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