What is the “Nuclear Option?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days you’ve probably heard someone in the media or in Washington throw around either the phrase reconciliation or “nuclear plan.”  The liberals in Washington, now robbed of their sixtieth vote for healthcare by Scott Brown who I’m still pretty pissed at for the job’s bill vote, are planning to resort to one of the most back-handed and shady tricks in all of government.  The nuclear plan is the same thing you saw Biden, Obama, Clinton, Reid and other Democrats bashing in the Youtube video linked in my last post.  Well, in an unbelievable yet predictable bit of hypocrisy, those same liberals are now preparing to use that very tactic to ram home this atrocious healthcare bill despite the overwhelming opposition of the American people.

The reason I do this blog is not to rant, but to educate.  I’m here to help people understand things about the way our political and economic systems work and cover the things that the liberal media refuses to talk about.  I’m here to teach.  Therefore, this post is a lesson on just what the nuclear option, or reconciliation, is, what it’s supposed to be for and how the Democrats are planning to misuse it.

See, in order to pass the Senate without a filibuster, the Democrats need a supermajority vote which is 60.  A current party-line vote would give them 59 and, thus, stall or stop the legislation from passing.  Because of this, the Democrats can’t simply pass legislation at will as they could before Scott Brown was elected to the Senate.  Before Brown’s big win, a healthcare bill passed the House and the Senate but it wasn’t the same bill that the House passed.  Remember, the SAME BILL must pass both houses before it can be signed into law by the president.

This brings us to the nuclear option.  Technically called reconciliation, the plan is supposed to be used to amend already passed legislation ONLY to make it coincide with the national budget which changes every year.  Reconciliation tactics require only a simple majority in only the Senate but each item is voted on separately.  The plan the Democrats have if for the House to pass the bill the Senate passed back before Christmas.  The reason this hasn’t happened already is because the Senate bill was much smaller than the House bill that passed before it and didn’t include many key pieces of legislation, namely the public option, which many of the far-left lawmakers said they simply would not be willing to leave out.  With reconciliation, the House would agree to pass the Senate bill ONLY if the Senate then took it back and added all the things they wanted through this underhanded process.  See, there is no way any kind of healthcare bill as the Democrats have currently drafted is going to pass the Senate without their supermajority.  The opposition on the right is simply too strong and resilient.  The only option is to make some kind of magic happen is with the bill they already passed in December, which the far left leaning liberals in the House don’t like because it isn’t socialistic enough.

To reconcile this, House and Senate Democrats are trying to strike a deal.  If the house passes the Senate bill so the president can sign it into law then the Senate would then, in turn, promise to take the bill back to formula with reconciliation and add to it all the things that the liberals in the house want by trying to make the argument that it’s to make the bill fit with the congressional budget.  See how underhanded this is?  It was shady when Bush wanted to do it and it’s just as shady now.  It just goes to show you that politicians will never leave any crack in the damn holding back their power go unnoticed.  These arrogant individuals will never stop their thirst for more and more power no matter what the expense is for the American people.

The Republican plan to oppose this is simple; make some noise.  It’s the same tactic that helped us last fall with the town hall meetings across the nation in which liberals lawmakers were politically crucified by their constituents for backing this monstrous blow to the greatest healthcare system in the world!  We, the people, have shown our opposition to this legislation but those in office do not heed our cries.  They care nothing about us or our wants while claiming to be doing this for our benefit.  It proves one of two things, that they are either too stupid to see what they’re doing or that they think we’re too stupid to know what’s best for ourselves and our families.  Either way it speaks of a government that is too greatly out of touch and drunk on their thirst for greater and greater power.

How can we help?  Well, we can make some noise of our own.  Education is the key to stopping this bill as it has been since the beginning.  The longer this bill stalls the more America wakes up to what’s really going on.  The polls don’t lie; America doesn’t want this bill to pass.  Let’s keep up the good fight and keep this legislation off of the president’s desk for just one more year.  Then, we can use November to vote out those who care nothing for our nation and replace them with representatives that understand what’s right for America.  The war is far from over, my fellow soldiers, but victory is within our grasp.  FIGHT ON!


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