ONLY 36,000 jobs lost in February…YAY?!

There is a common creed shared amongst slackers, dead-beats and any other group of people that can generally be described as useless: Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.  Well, it seems that just such a feeling is resonating in Washington right now.  Listen to what Harry Reid said on the Hill about the job losses in February…

You heard him right, America…36,000 more people losing their jobs, 36,000 more people being unable to provide for their families, 36,000 more people needing the assistance of unemployment, is a GOOD THING!  The liberals are not just happy about this news, they’re actually excited!  Can you believe how far these people are stretching to find some kind of victory to cling to?

Imagine being at a circus and a juggler comes up on stage.  He picks up ten bowling pins and says he’s going to juggle them all.  You watch in anticipation as he throws all the pins in the air.  When the pins come back down, he only manages to catch one, the rest fall to the ground.  The juggler, then, starts jumping around in excitement like he just did the most amazing trick in the world, expecting you to be really impressed.

That’s the Democrat way of thinking right now…

How can anyone have the audacity to say that this is not only good news but GREAT news?!  ONLY 36,000 jobs lost!  You expect us to be happy about that?!  Why won’t they just admit that the stimulus didn’t work?  Why won’t they shrink the government and let the private sector create new jobs as only they can?  Why won’t they listen to the American people?!

Reid is taking a lot of heat for this from everyone in the nation and with good reason.  One job gained would still not be great news, good, but not great.  To say that this is great news is unbelievable.

Well, Harry Reid can look forward to adding himself to that unemployment list he’s so happy about this fall when the people of Nevada vote him out of office.


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