From Jobs to Healthcare in Just One Month!

Check with the Guinness people, but I think President Obama may have set a new record!

I know it’s a 10 minute video but you only need to watch the first 10 seconds to catch my point.  In his State of the Union this year, Barack Obama indicated that job creation would be his administration’s number one priority going into the year.  He stated that healthcare would still be tackled, but that jobs must come first.  He wanted a jobs bill on his desk “without delay.”

Well, a mere month later and a half later, the president is once again putting 100% of his time, energy and influence (which is getting smaller every day) behind, you guessed it, healthcare reform.  I think this may be the fastest promise ever broken by a politician.  Is there any way to check that?  I mean, how can you promise in January to make jobs your top priority and then be back to driving healthcare reform in February?  Did he think we wouldn’t notice?  Does he think his speech was so good that America just went back to sleep, turning a blind eye to how the liberal agenda is destroying our country?

After a joke of a jobs bill, which was really just the stimulus package part two, passed the Senate (being voted FOR by the traitorous Scott Brown no less) Washington has completely forgotten about it again.  We didn’t even have time for the House to have their OWN lousy, debt growing, government growing, socialism pushing jobs bill before we’re back to the same old song and dance.  And, with poll after poll showing that Americans are united in opposition of Obamacare and disapprove of him far more than they did his predecessor (the one he just loves to blame for everything so much) at the same point in his presidency, the true agenda of Obama and his liberal administration becomes clear.

Let’s all get one thing crystal clear: Obama’s plan to change our healthcare system has NOTHING to do with helping you, me or anyone else in America.  No, the plan is to do one thing and one thing only; seize more control over our freedoms and bring America into a new era of Marxism.  All you have to do is listen to one of his speeches to see how arrogant he really is.  He talks about how Americans are waiting on him and his fellows in Washington to act when the facts show nothing of the sort!  He says Americans are tired of Republicans blocking all of his agendas when, in truth, Americans are CHEERING conservative resolve on the Hill!  How can you say that the people are behind you when 69% of us know that America is heading in the wrong direction?!  Ever since January of 2009 we’ve been on a bullet train to communism and there’s no hiding it!

Whether Obama realizes it or not, Americans are not as we were when he started in politics.  We are more awake now.  We are listening harder, learning more, watching more closely and uniting against corruption more than we have in decades.  It makes me so proud to see but, at the same time, I cringe to think that it had to get this bad before we snapped out of our trance.  Obama truly does think like a king and not a president.  He thinks that an angry populous can be tamed with a few gifts and pretty words.  He thinks that giving us a few handouts will lull us back to sleep so he can go back to destroying the country uninterrupted.

Maybe a few years ago, but not anymore…

Americas are looking out for America again, not just ourselves.  A wonderful example of this is the outcry against Senator Ben Nelson in his home state of Nebraska.  The Senate version of the healthcare bill which passed on Christmas Eve included $100million to keep Nebraska (and ONLY Nebraska) from having to pay the costs of the Medicare expansion the bill called for.  The earmark was placed there ONLY to get Senator Nelson to vote for the bill.  Essentially, it was a bribe, and with OUR money no less!  Well, you would think the people of Nebraska wouldn’t care, right?  I mean, they get to save money on their Medicare costs because of this.  But they cried foul along with the rest of the nation and now Nelson’s approval ratings are in the toilet!

This is the kind of thing we are seeing in this second American Revolution.  We are seeing a more educated populous which is taking back the country from a government that is growing from overpowered to tyrannical.  We are seeing a people who won’t stop fighting for what we believe in and for what we know to be true.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the liberals in Washington may not be acknowledging it but we all know they can feel it.  Why else would they be working so hard to pass their destructive legislation before November?  This isn’t about helping America, it’s about hurting America.  This is about grouping together for a political kamikaze attack on our nation’s structure.  They know they’re going down, so they’re going to go down destroying the constitution and all the things that have made America great.


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