The DNC Tries, and Fails, to Trash the Right

I came across this ad from the Democratic National Committee this afternoon.  I was at first shocked that the DNC even had the stones to play offence anymore.  With more and more Americans shunning their president and his socialistic agendas many liberals in Washington are just calling it quits.  We’ve had several senators, representatives and even governors decide not to seek re-election this November.  I watched this eager to see what the DNC had to say to fire back at Republicans.  Watch the commercial below.

Once again, the liberals play the only card they ever have; emotion.  First off, they spent an entire 30 second ad mentioning the actions of just two people.  Mitch McConnell and Michael Steele were only mentioned for the fact they haven’t publically condemned the actions of these two individuals.  David Vitter apparently had sex with a prostitute but, while that’s not a very noble thing to do, he didn’t break the law.  John Ensign was called out for an FBI investigation into covering up an affair (also wrong but not illegal).  However, the ad only mentions an investigation and allegations, not an actual conviction.

So, we have four Republicans mentioned in a 30 second ad.  One cheated on his wife, one was investigated for using hush money to cover up the fact that he cheated on his wife, and two were mentioned simply for doing nothing about it.  Um…can someone please explain to me how this constitutes a “caucus racked by scandal?”  Sure, it shows that these aren’t the kind of individuals I’d want to invite to my neighborhood barbeque, but they certainly didn’t do anything illegal.  It was two guys acting in bad taste and two more people not getting involved in their private lives.  In trying to smear dirt on the right, the left only succeeded in proving that the only trick they can ever play with people is emotion.  They fight for healthcare reform by telling sob stories about the downtrodden but sob stories don’t make more resources magically appear!  The only thing this commercial proves is that the DNC is desperately grasping at straws, trying to find something, ANYTHING that will make the Republicans look bad.

You want to talk about scandals?  How about BRIBARY with STOLEN MONEY?!  That would be a good way to describe Harry Reid!  He wrote the Cornhusker Kickback and the New Louisiana Purchase (both of which would have been paid with taxpayer money) into the Senate version of the healthcare bill only to bribe the senators from those states to vote on it.  Any one of us would have gone to JAIL for such an underhanded practice!

Why stop there?  Let’s look at Nanci Pelosi and her use of public money to fund her alcoholism! (Yea, that’s right, I said it!)  Over the past two years, Pelosi has racked up a total bill of $101,000 ($1000 a week!)  in taxpayer money for “in-flight services.” Those services include food and an exorbitant amount of alcohol!  This woman is a worthless drunk who steals public money to fund her blatant substance abuse!  I’m sure Californians would like some of that money back to help fix their wreck of a state, but no, Pelosi can’t be bothered to help her constituents until she’s gotten a proper buzz.

What a worthless human being.

What kind of nerve to the Democrats, after a year of back-door deals, broken campaign promises, ignored constituents and reckless spending, have to accuse the Republicans of being scandalous?!  I’d love to see the RNC make a retaliation commercial, but there’s no way they could fit all the examples of liberal law-breaking and blatant disregard into 30 seconds of airtime.  Theirs would have to be a mini-series!

Oh well, we’ll be sure to let the Democrats know which is the real “caucus racked by scandal” this November…


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