The Coffee Party: Try Not to Laugh -Part 2-

Alright America, hold up your mugs and I’ll pour you another round of lunacy from the Coffee Party website.  My next point is mainly going to concentrate on just a single statement from the movement’s About Us page.  At the bottom of the page they have written the following sentence and I must admit I about fell out of my chair in disbelief when I read it.

Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an enduring gift — Democracy — and we must use it to meet the challenges that we face as a nation.

Just take a moment to marinate on that statement.  Let it really sink in.  Are you laughing yet?  Is that not the most ridiculous display of a complete lack of education about American history you’ve ever seen?  There are two blatant problems with this sentence as I’m sure you’ve already noticed.  First off, THERE WERE NO FOUNDING MOTHERS!  To everyone who is standing up and shouting “what about Betsy Ross?” or something like that just sit back down.  You’re apparently in the same boat these coffee people are.

I’m not disregarding the fact that there were several women who were very important to America’s history even at the beginning when our nation was founded.  However, this does not make them ‘founders.’  The founders are the men who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence.  Now, before someone calls me a sexist, let me make something clear; there is a big difference between supporting a cause and signing your name to it.  There were many women (and men) who supported our severing ties with England but signing a document in bold defiance of your government is something else entirely.  By signing their names, these brave men knew that failure would mean certain death.  Had we lost the revolution, the British government would have rounded up every single person with his name on that paper and had them publically hanged and these men KNEW THAT when they picked up the quill!  That takes a kind of bravery we rarely see in this day and age.

This has nothing to do with sexism.  This is honoring those who risked literally everything for what they believed in.  It’s the kind of heroism we see in our service men and women who volunteer to serve in our armed forces.  The Coffee Party is trashing that sacrifice and spirit just to try and sound more politically correct.  I personally take this statement as an insult to this nation and those who created it.

Now the second problem with this sentence is that age-old mistake that so many Americans make.  They state that our founding fathers (just fathers) gave us the enduring gift of democracy.  Well, if you’re a regular reader or you had an actual education on American history and government then you already know that we are (say it with me now) NOT A DEMOCRACY!  If you don’t believe me then I have a challenge for you.  Pick ANY founding document from our history.  You can use the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  Your challenge is to find ONE time in any of these documents where the founding fathers said that America shall be a democracy.  If you can find one and email it to me then I will recant this post and bow to your superior intellect.

The founding fathers set up America to be, not a Democracy, but a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC!  That means that we are a nation ruled by LAW and not the majority.  In this one sentence, the Coffee Party makes it crystal clear just how little they really understand about America.  If they want to be some kind of foil to the Tea Party then they’d better start coming to the fight armed with a better education (something to stand for would be nice too).

Speaking of foiling the Tea Party, let’s look at their next big, nation-wide event.  The Coffee Summit is scheduled for March 27 and there are supposed to be events going on all over the United States.  With ten days to go, let’s see how they’re map is looking.

Hey, not too bad.  That’s got to be about as many events as the Tea Party has had right?  Let’s take a look FreedomWorks’ map of Tea Party events across the nation.

Well, there you have it.  I guess Americans would rather take the streets with a clearly outlined set of goals and principles and let their cries be heard by those who are attempting to destroy our nation than to sit around in coffee shops and talk about our feelings.  Doesn’t seem much like a grassroots program but, wait, THAT’S BECAUSE IT ISN’T!  The organizers of this movement are a woman named Annabel Park and her partner Eric Byler.  Annabel started the Coffee Party because she, “reject[s] the narrative that the Tea Party represents real America,” (should we look at the maps again?) and wanted to create an alternative.  Well, Mrs. Park, who claims to be uninfluenced by agendas or politicians, was a big player for Obama’s campaign and was a former strategy analyst at the New York Times.

In addition, Mrs. Parks intentions behind the movement don’t seem to match her own rhetoric.  She says the Coffee Party is meant to bring people together and “not [be] the opposite of the Tea Party.”  However, the message in her posts to her Twitter Page show a different side of her.

So that’s the Coffee Party.  It’s a sad group of whiners with no direction and no understanding of America’s past getting together to have a group therapy session about how their beloved messiah of a president isn’t fooling everyone as well as he was in 2008.  If the Coffee Party wants me to take them seriously then here’s my challenge to them.  At the 9/12 March on Washington D.C over 1million people came from all over the country to protest our out-of-control government.  That’s over a million people in one place at one time for one event.

Hold one event with this kind of attendance and then I’ll take you seriously…


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