A Letter to Bart Stupak

UPDATE: Obama actually did, to my shock, sign the executive order.  Still doesn’t change the fact that the bill is a liberty killer or that Stupak sold his soul.

Dear Congressman Bart Stupak,

You’ve been (oh what is it that airhead Ashton Kutcher is always saying?  Oh, right) PUNKED!

Seriously, Stupak, I want to know EXACTLY how you feel right now.  How hot did your rage burn when Obama signed that liberty killing disaster into law, smiling like a kid at Christmas, and never even MENTIONED your precious executive order?  You know that deal you made with the devil?  That pact where you sold your values, your beliefs and your soul to the biggest con-artist in American history?  How did you THINK that was going to play out?

Oh sure, you can brush it off.  You can do ridiculous things like compare it to Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation. You can say ‘oh, he’s just going to get to it next week.’  NEWS FLASH, DUMMY; Obama took your executive order to keep public money from funding abortions, shoved it in a drawer and will never think about it again!  It’s just like how he promised other moderates there would be a reconciliation vote.  That’s not going to happen either and you know it!  Obama gets what he wants and doesn’t care about who he had to screw over (which in this case is EVERYONE IN AMERICA!) to get it.  You’ve been played my dear idiot!  Charlie Daniels can’t play a damn fiddle as well as Obama just played you!

Did you even stop to consider this man’s track record?  Did you forget about the secret meetings and backroom deals that got SENATORS to vote for this thing?  Did you forget about the Cornhusker Kickback and the New Louisiana Purchase?  Did you forget about the laundry list of promises Obama made to the American people during the election that he started breaking on day one?  Why couldn’t you have just held onto what little spine you had left and stayed true to your gut?  Why couldn’t you actually LISTEN to your constituents?!  When has Obama ever NOT lied to you, me or any other American?  Every word out of his mouth is garbage but you believed a ‘sure, I’ll sign your executive order, just sell me your vote.’

Bart Stupak, you didn’t just sell yourself out, you sold America out; you and every other “moderate” Democrat who chose the easy path over the right one and let the worst president in American history destroy our Constitution and our liberties.

Now you have to live with yourself.  Have fun with that.




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