Bring It On? You Bet Your Ass We Will!

Obama and the liberals in Washington were playing with fire before.  Now they’re playing with fire standing in a pool of gasoline in a fireworks factory.  America said they didn’t want the stimulus package but they passed it anyway.  America said they didn’t want the healthcare bill but they passed it anyway.  Obama and Congress continue to ignore the will of the people and pass legislation that THEY want instead of what AMERICA wants.  Well, now conservatives are fighting any way they can to get this bill repealed.  What’s Obama’s response to these attempts: Bring it on.

Obama, in another glorious example of how deaf he is to the cries of his own people, says that a conservative attempt to get this bill repealed would only hurt themselves come election time.  He was quoted as saying, “”If they want to have that fight, we can have it. Because I don’t believe the American people are going to put the insurance industry back in the driver’s seat.”  The problem is that, in ignoring us, Obama has not noticed how much America has changed.  He hasn’t noticed how much the people have changed.

We are not the same America that got you elected, Mr. President…

See, never before in American history has an entitlement program been repealed.  Programs like social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare all continue to operate (in spite of the fact that they’ve become bankrupt and destructive).  The reason why entitlements never get repealed is that once people start getting the benefits from them they don’t want them to stop.  They like their easy way and don’t want to go back to doing things for themselves anymore.  Why do you think we have people LIVING on welfare in this country without even having to look for a job?  It’s like weaning a baby off their bottle.  Socialized programs make life easier but they turn us into a nation of dependents, rob us of our liberty and bankrupt our country!  This is the America Obama knows and is the way he thinks we still operate.  Well, he needs to learn to pay attention.

You remember the cornhusker kickback; the amendment to the senate bill where Senator Ben Nelson sold his vote in exchange for Nebraskans being exempt from the increase in Medicare costs (thereby passing their share to everyone else)?  Well, Nelson’s deal would have meant that citizens of Nebraska wouldn’t have to pay more for Medicare like the rest of the country but would still get all the benefits of it PLUS the new benefits in the bill.  You would think that Nelson’s approval ratings would have gone through the roof for getting his constituents such a great deal, right?

Nelson had been enjoying some pretty high approval numbers before the cornhusker kickback.  After the backroom deal was struck and Nelson voted for the bill, his poll numbers took an anvil-bound freefall to 42%!  Take a moment to let the thought of that sink in.  The people of Nebraska were angry that their senator struck a deal to make their lives easier!  This means that the citizens of Nebraska were more concerned with doing the right thing than getting a handout.  That’s a huge shift in American values and it’s awe-inspiring to see!

So Obama really wants to dare conservatives to campaign on repealing the bill?  55% of Americans ALREADY want the bill repealed and it’s only three days old!

Obama’s socialistic agenda has taken its toll on our nation.  However, like the tragedies of Pearl Harbor and September 11th, hardships always bring out the best in everyday Americans.  We are not the same welfare generation with our hands eagerly outstretched like we were when we elected you, Mr. President.  We have awoken.  We see now the toll that socialistic agendas take on our freedoms and the principles of this nation.  We are uniting as a stronger, more educated constituency and we will rise to the occasion.  President Obama, we will bring it on, but you’re not going to like it…


2 Responses to “Bring It On? You Bet Your Ass We Will!”

  1. 1 Noah March 26, 2010 at 4:14 am

    First, Social Security is not bankrupt. It will be by 2030 if we continue to borrow against it. We are trending towards problems if we don’t learn to take our hands out of that jar. I don’t know anything about Medicaid and Medicare to respond to that.

    The VAST majority of Americans want healthcare reform. Yes, the numbers have steadily fallen for support of this effort because of the intense drama it has caused in Washington. Americans want bipartisanship. What they don’t understand is that politics just doesnt work that way – thats what a 2 party democratic system is all about. Bush had no problem pushing through many of his programs because he didnt mess around and even try for bipartisanship. It made him a lot of enemies, but he accomplished his goals. Obama tried way too hard to let others get his ideas through. He should have pushed it through in the very beginning when some 70 odd percent of the public were supporting healthcare reform. Instead he let Republicans influence public opinion. He let bickering and finger-pointing wear down citizens.

    You have to realize that most Americans are not fundamentally opposed to reform or even this bill. They are opposed to the myth of this bill that is propagated by the Right – the scare tactics, the sensationalism. This is demonstrated by the article you posted on Facebook that stated that Verizon is sending letters to employees warning of cutbacks this year because of the bill. They obviously don’t understand the bill and have only listened to conservative pundits because the bill wont effect them for years.

    I am so sick of Republicans. I’ve voted 3 times for republicans and once for a democrat. I can promise you that as long as the childish behavior that has characterized the Right since 2008 continues, I will never support any Republican politician.

    • 2 freedomwatchnews March 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm

      Um, okay. So why do the vast majority of polls show the exact opposite of what you just said?

      You keep throwing around those key words; sensationalism, scare-tactics, myths. Well, where you see myths I see facts and common-sense economics. Also, are you REALLY going to perpetuate that a company as large as Verizon Wireless is going to cut back their employee’s benefits because they saw something on Fox News and got scared? Please, these companies hire consultants and number crunchers who got master’s degrees in figuring this kind of stuff out. Verizon’s not alone either. AT&T just announced something similar and more companies are following suit. Just Google “Health care bill employers news.” The key-word arguments from the left were getting old before but now they’re just a desperate attempt to grasp at straws.

      I’m really getting sick of these scare-tactic arguments. Anytime someone on the right shows reason for genuine concern over this takeover and cites valid reasoning that is based in fact and history as to why, the left retorts only with “oh, they’re just trying to scare you.” For once I’d like to see the liberal media stop side-stepping and actually have the stones to try and recant the facts the right is putting out. Of course, I guess I can’t expect much from a group that calls every person against Obama a racist, every second amendment supporter a violent extremist and every person with strong faith a religious zealot.

      You are right about one thing, the majority of Americans are not opposed to healthcare reform but they are opposed to THIS KIND of healthcare reform. Most Americans want reform that let’s the private sector have MORE freedom, not less. Healthcare was already one of the most federally regulated industries in the nation. NO WONDER IT WAS BAD!

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