An Idea for Republicans

Tonight I’m going to play a little game of what-if.  As some of you may have heard, Barack Obama today made a half-assed attempt to woo the right be lifting the bans on off-shore drilling along the Atlantic seaboard and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico.  Obama claims this will be a step towards energy independence and that’s true (though it’s a baby step).  Our absolute dependence on foreign oil, much of which comes from nations that don’t like us very much, is one of the largest national security risks we currently face.  The OPEC nations have us by the metaphorical balls, able to make sweeping changes in our economy simply by raising or lowering the cost of a barrel of oil.

We do need to find our own resources and quickly.  Lifting these bans is a small step towards that and it’s pretty obvious that Obama is only doing it to try and score some points with the right who currently like him about as much as Michael Moore likes vegetables, but I think Republicans are missing a golden opportunity.  Let me break down my ideas on this and see what you think.

Republicans are griping that this step is not enough or that it’s a front for some other sinister plan Obama has cooking (a theory I’m not about to dismiss).  I think the Republicans have been playing tough defense for so long that they’ve forgotten how to play offense.  Well, America is behind them and also behind the idea of energy independence.  With this in mind, here’s my game plan.

It starts with Mitch McConnell getting on television and PRAISING Obama’s decision.  I mean he’s really got to lay it on thick.  We’re talking knee-pad wearing ass kissing here (for show of course).  Next, he and the other Republicans will say how delighted they are that they and Obama have finally found a common ideal that they both want to work towards, though the right obviously wants to take it further.  Now, with all this out in the open for all of America to see and hear, the Republicans introduce a bill to congress that would go further to lift even more bans on drilling like the ones in Alaska and along the Pacific.  It would also free up resources to speed up the process of getting oil-rigs built and production started.

The key would be as much media attention as possible.  The Republicans would need to be beating down CNN’s door wanting to talk about this.  They would need to be hounding the New York Times daily to run stories about it.  They would need to be putting this all over the net so that EVERYONE in America knows about it.  The media did a crackerjack job making sure Americans never knew about the healthcare proposals the right was putting forward ever since the idea of healthcare reform was first put out.  Contrary to what Obama says, the right had plenty of ideas on how to reform healthcare and made them known to him constantly.  The key would be that this MUST get national attention by any means necessary.

Suddenly, the right is on offense again.  They’re pushing a bill that America loves and that the president MUST love because he started this in the first place.  See, Obama is doing this in hopes that we’ll take his little handout and shut up for a while.  Well, I say we take it and run with it.  Let’s get this thing as far out of his control as we can.  Let’s trap him in his own trap!  Imagine the corner this could back him into.  If he goes along with it then it cripples his socialistic agenda and if he doesn’t then THEY become the new “party of no!”

I’d love to hear some ideas on this.  Give me a comment and tell me what you think.


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