“Crash The Tea Party” Idiots

Hey everyone.  Sorry, I know it’s been a while.  I wanted to share something quite hilarious that I stumbled across this afternoon.  There is a website called crashtheteaparty.org which plans to destroy the movement through the most ridiculous means imaginable.

According to their mission statement, the group believes that the Tea Party is made up of racists and homophobes and they plan to use the media to distance America from it.  How?  Well, they’re going to “infiltrate” the party events this tax day and hold up signs with racist or anti-gay sayings on them.  They’re going to get in front of cameras and shout that Obama is an alien or that he’s a terrorist.  The idea is to expose the “true” nature of the Tea Party movement and show America what it’s really all about.


Anyone with a functioning brain can figure out that this is nonsense.  If the Tea Party was really about racism and homophobia then you wouldn’t NEED to do any of this.  Why would you need to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of idiots if they already were?  It’s like standing next to a red car holding up a sign that says THIS IS A RED CAR.  The only reason to do this is if the Tea Party ISN’T what you say it is and you’re having to artificially manufacture it which makes it an automatic lie!

The sad thing in all of this is that it’s another example of trying to defeat an opponent by changing the battle.  If you don’t agree with the Tea Party then have the guts to actually argue against their stances.  This is classic liberalism.  You can’t argue the facts so you resort to other tactics to try and discredit your opponent and not your opponent’s stance.  Obama does it, Pelosi does it, Reid does it, we’ve seen it time and again.

If you go to a tea party rally and you see someone misrepresenting the movement and seeking attention in the process, call them out!  Be loud about it.  Call that person a moron on camera and declare that they do not represent what this movement is all about.  After all, you know the media isn’t going to do the right thing on this.  Remember how CNN handled last year’s event?


1 Response to ““Crash The Tea Party” Idiots”

  1. 1 Andrew R. Gorman April 15, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    I will readily agree this whole thing is absolutely silly.
    1) That is no way to counter a group you don’t agree with
    2) This only gives fuel to conservatives that the liberals are all behind the negative aspects. Which I would normally say was not true, except these appear to be the stupid liberals or anarchists.

    Yes, the Tea Party has many outright racist, homophobic, and other negative aspects of social conservatism, but that is not the message of the tea party itself. It just so happens that some think that way. Which brings me to my third point:

    3) The crashing will fail, as making some underlying feelings of a collective as the main point of the Tea Party is counter-productive. A better approach is for people to talk with their congressmen, let their concerns be known, let them show data to represent it.

    “You can’t argue the facts so you resort to other tactics to try and discredit your opponent and not your opponent’s stance. Obama does it, Pelosi does it, Reid does it, we’ve seen it time and again.”

    So does the opposite side of the spectrum. This is not a black and white issue, this is just dirty politics.It is sad, but the best thing a politician can do is to remain above that. I will certainly point to Glenn Beck, Palin, and O’Rielly as having done this as well, time and time again. The typical explanation will be “well since THEY can do it…”


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