Proud to be a Tea Partier!

I’ve never been prouder to be a Tea Pary supporter than I am right now.  Remember when I was talking about the “Crash the Tea Party” website last time?  Well, it seems that Mr. Levin, the guy who ran the ordeal, severally crossed a line in his crusade and has paid the price.  According to Fox News, the school board in Oregon, where Levin is a media lab teacher, has suspended him while they look into actions he may have taken ranging from abuse of school property to identity theft!

So that means one of the Tea Party’s most outspoken enemies is in really hot water.  Are we gloating?  Are we laughing at his misfortune? NO!  We’re actually insisting that he get to KEEP his job as long as he apologizes and undergoes some anger-management therapy!  The irony here is absolutely delicious.  Levin set out to prove that the Tea Party was a party of hate by MANUFACTURING that very hate.  When he got caught, the reaction from those he despises overwhelmingly proved the exact opposite of what he was trying to show!  In fact, it’s now obvious that the only real hate was his own!

This situation could not have had a more perfect ending if one were planned.  I’m very proud of the Oregon Tea Party members for their kind and level-headed actions.  I think they have shown a tremendous amount of respect and maturity in this and we should all look at them as an example of truly loving thine enemy.

If you go to the crasher’s website you will notice that it looks somewhat different.  Instead of the whole shpeal about what the group is about and what it intends to do, it simply reads: “Want to show your support for FREE speech? BUY A TEA-SHIRT.”  It’s funny, isn’t it?  Wasn’t Levin himself attempting to stifle free speech by silencing the Tea Party movement?

Folks, keep up the good work because our movement is working like a charm!  The liberals are afraid of us and every jab they make at us, be it racist, homophobic, hateful, violence-inciting and every other horrible remark, only shows how much we’re getting under their skin.  We’re going to win in November.  We’re going to politically bind Czar Obama and his radical agenda.  Don’t lose hope and stay on the offensive!  Freedom will prevail!


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